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[Reading] ➵ The Wreck of the Ethie ➼ Hilary Hyland –

The Wreck of the EthieIn 1919, Just Before Christmas, The S.S Ethie Sets Sail For St John S Harbor, But A Violent Winter Storm Casts The Steamship Onto The Rocky Cliffs Of Northwest Newfoundland, Threatening The Passengers SurvivalNinety Two Passengers And Crew, All Eager To Be Reunited With Family For The Holidays, Are Now At The Mercy Of The Stormy Sea Seeing The Wrecked Ship Off The Coast, A Fishing Family Sends Their Dog Skipper, A Hardworking And Courageous Newfoundland, To Brave The Icy And Dangerous Waters To Carry A Lifeline From The Sinking Ship To Shore.In This Minute By Minute Fictionalized Account Of The S.S Ethie S Dramatic Voyage, Hillary Hyland Vividly Brings The Adventure To Life, Showing The Spirit Of Survival Amongst The Passengers And Crew, As Well As The Strength And Determination Of A Poor Fishing Family And Their Courageous Dog To Save Those Ninety Two Souls.

[Reading] ➵ The Wreck of the Ethie ➼ Hilary Hyland –
  • Paperback
  • 115 pages
  • The Wreck of the Ethie
  • Hilary Hyland
  • English
  • 10 May 2017
  • 9781561451982

    10 thoughts on “[Reading] ➵ The Wreck of the Ethie ➼ Hilary Hyland –

  1. says:

    Based of the true story of a Newfoundland dog who swam out to rescue the survivors of a shipwreck off the coast of Newfoundland 4th 6th graders, boys or girls, would enjoy this little known account Bonus Newfoundlands are my favorite kind of dog, so it was fun to read about him.

  2. says:

    My sons really enjoyed this book far than I, which is great, as I read it to them to teach them a true story of history The S.S Ethie was a ship that had a near Titanic situation happen granted this was wooden a...

  3. says:

    I have read this book as a read aloud with my 5th grade class for 3 years in a row now Before that, I read it to my 3rd grade class They LOVE it They are immediately hooked when they find out that one of the main characters is a Newfoundland dog In class we use this book to discuss character, plot, setting, and theme Across curriculum we connect it to our social studies Canada unit and use it for MANY writing lessons one of which uses the 1919 newspaper article about the wreckand includes writing a letter to the author We use it to discuss character, such as perseverence, helfulness, and responsibility Of course we discuss all kinds of dogs and animals too There are endless ways to use this book The ...

  4. says:

    Excellent midgrade or primary, non fiction read or read a loud Hilary Hyland s THE WRECK OF THE ETHIE is well written, informative, and also a real page turner The story takes place in 1919 and centers around an amazing true story about a steamship that crashes off the coast of Newfoundland during a horrific winter storm The ensuing rescue of the passengers includes the story of an amazing dog, Skipper The details of the events that took place kept my rapt interest to the end Teachers will love this great winter tale, perfect for January, a month I remember from the days when I was in the classroom After the exciting holidays, there seems to be a real January lull THE WRECK OF THE ETHIE would certainly spice things up I recommend this book to any student who loves a gripping re...

  5. says:

    I was introduced to this book when I taught 3rd grade in Virginia I now teach 5th grade in northern New York and read it to my class every single year They love it The fact that one of the main characters is a dog and that dog is responsible for saving peoples lives draws in my reluctant readers We locate Newfoundland on the map, which goes great with our Canada Unit and talk about the St Lawrence River My artistic students love to draw the Ethie or the dog Skipper When we g...

  6. says:

    This is a fascinating story, and the author does a wonderful job conveying the suspense and the anxiety of all of the players, from the captain and his crew to Colleen Reilly and her parents By opening the story with the daily routine of the Reilly family, she sets a great stage for understanding life in this far eastern province The illustrations are an excellent complement to the story, and the collection of factual details at the back offer the rest of the story To read...

  7. says:

    gr 4 7 101 pgs1919, Newfoundland Alternates between a fisherman s family and their dog Skipper and the crew and passengers of the SS Ethie When the ship is unable to out run the blizzard, the crew and passengers hope that someone will be able to rescue them before the ship sinks Watching from the shore the fisherman s family and their dog Skipper wonder if they ll be able to help.Good adventure story I think this story would appeal to readers who enjoy stories involving an...

  8. says:

    The Wreck of the Ethie is a fascinating read, especially for third grade students and up Readers are immediately drawn in to the lives of the characters and discover a great deal about life in the early 1900s The book is very well researched and the...

  9. says:

    What a well researched heart thumper this little book is It made me realize how much I love to read historical fiction My heart was pounding as I followed the doomed voyage of the SS Ethie, filled with passeng...

  10. says:

    This book, written for juvenile readers, is equally delightful and entertaining for adults The characters are likeable, well developed people one would like to know I visualized this unknown land, sea, and even the ship throughout the story and longed for infor...

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