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[PDF / Epub] ☉ The Starcrossed Author Ben Bova –

The StarcrossedBova Served As The Science Advisor For The Failed Television Series The Starlost, Leaving In Disgust After The Airing Of The First Episode 1973 His Novel The Starcrossed, Loosely Based On His Experiences, Featured A Thinly Veiled Characterization Of His Friend And Colleague Harlan Ellison Bova Dedicated The Novel To Cordwainer Bird , The Pen Name Harlan Ellison Uses When He Does Not Want To Be Associated With A Television Or Film Project.

[PDF / Epub] ☉ The Starcrossed Author Ben Bova –
  • 223 pages
  • The Starcrossed
  • Ben Bova
  • English
  • 24 March 2019
  • 9780515041057

    10 thoughts on “[PDF / Epub] ☉ The Starcrossed Author Ben Bova –

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    Vaguely remembering having this book described to me, I took an old, mangled copy of The Starcrossed from the shelf I chuckled at the resemblance to Harlan Ellison with regard to one of the characters depicted on the cover, but didn t really think anything of it until I reached the description of a certain door as ornately carved that Queequeeg s sarcophagus p 28 That s Harlan s door my mind shouted to me As the saying goes, the penny dropped, and I remembered that Ben Bova not only knew Harlan Ellison but that Ben s late wife, the beautiful Barbara, was acquainted with him, as well Could this character be a parody of Harlan As the pages unfolded, I realized that this was, indeed, a character based on the young and angry Harlan Ellison Even references to the fictional Ron Gilbert s writing called back memories of Harlan s titles I mean, doesn t The Beast that Had No Mouth remind you of I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream or Repent something about a watchmaker remind you of Repent, Harlequin said the Ticktockman p 32 How about, a short story of mine based on a giant pterodactyl that attacks New York City p 33.A giant studio is on its last legs and needs a hit For all the wrong reasons, the studio opts to produce the show in ...

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    A Reader s Guide to THE STARCROSSED by Ben Bova Ben Bova s THE STARCROSSED is a slight but delightful novel detailing the mis adventures of a group of Hollywood industry pros as they attempt to create a new science fiction TV series As some other reviewers here have pointed out, the story has the feel of an extended in joke, which in fact it is Fortunately it s not very in, and a small amount of fun preparation will assist contemporary readers in getting the humor and the most important references There are two preliminary steps any prospective reader of the novel should take before opening it.1 Watch an episode of THE STARLOST, a notoriously terrible 1970s TV series created by Harlan Ellison but, due to interference of many kinds, soon disowned by him which is why his credit reads Created by Cordwainer Bird, Ellison s dismissive pseudonym THE STARLOST is available on DVD and entire episodes can be viewed on YouTube I recommend if that s the word the pilot, Voyage of Discovery It represents 49 minutes of your life you ll never get back, but it s amusing in a ghastly sort of way.2 Read Ellison s essay Somehow, I Don t Think We in Kansas...

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    I have a soft spot for this one, because I have a love for techie tales of behind the scenes TV series stories This one does read, now that I m older, as a piece of True Story Hollywood fic, in some ways but it s so funny, and the tropes of different scifi series are used to such fun effect, that you probably won t care In a near future with rejuvenating youth treatments, really great cameras, and the same kinds of people, a little scifi show that started off as one thing morphs into a totally different genre with the efforts of its director, scheming assistant producer, stars, blackmailed headwriter, technical advisor, and the VP of programming The characters are what makes it there s a trio of people to root for, and a couple of very amusingly hiss...

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    I don t even know where to start, I can t believe Ben Bova actually wrote this book If you are Bova fan, ignore this book Book is based on a entertainment industry, it seems Bova was somehow involved with Entertainment industry and came up with t...

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    Shows the TV industry just like his Cyberbooks shows the publishing industry A total mess.Classic punchline ending for the book.

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    This is a hilariously slightly fictionalized account of one of the most frustrating episodes of Ben Bova and Harlan Ellison s lives their involvement with a Canadian production called The Starlost that lasted one very forgettable season before disappearing forever If you encountered that show before and as a viewer of anything even remotely science fictional during the 1970 s, I did this is a hilarious tale of just how it got to be so bad, complete with wooden acting, ridiculous scripts, and really bad special effects If you never heard of The Starlost , well, get lost this probably isn t the book fo...

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    I placed this on my SF F shelf, but it is not, in and of itself, science fiction It is, instead, a fictionalized account of the author s experiences in the making of a troubled and short lived science fiction television show.The Starlost is the show award winning pilot script, great and grand ideas that ought to be redone, but with a larger budget and patience.The Starcrossed is by turns funny and maddening, but I don t know how it would play to somebody unfamiliar with the show an...

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    Wonderful book Hysterical

  9. says:

    This is a very, very funny novelization of the real life events around the production of a very, very bad cable sf series from the 1970 s, The Starlost It was created by Harlan Ellison, and Bova served as a consultant Ellison wrote a very good script which was novelized by Edward Bryant as Pho...

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    Bova s failure of imagination trips him up there s this weird thread through the whole thing where all the characters constantly reference classic movies and actors I see this kind of move in sci fi a lot, I guess it s supposed to make it sound Hollywood ish, but instead it makes the characters seem way knowledgeable and less self centered then he want...

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