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[[ PDF ]] ✓ Pleasures of the Night Author Sylvia Day –

Pleasures of the NightThere Are Sensuous Pleasures That Can Only Be Tasted In The Night He Comes To Her In The Twilight Between Sleep And Consciousness To Fulfill Her Secret Desires Lyssa Bates Has Never Experienced Such Ecstasy, Brought To Her By A Man Whose Deep, Soul Penetrating Blue Eyes Hold The Promise Of Tempting Intimacies And Decadent Pleasures But This Stranger, This Lover, This Immortal Seducer Is Only A Dream A Phantom Of Her Nocturnal Fantasies Until He Appears, Inexplicably, At Her Door In The Flesh Lyssa Aches For The Reality Of Him, But There Is Grave Danger In Surrender Because Captain Aidan Cross Is On A Mission, And The Passion That Consumes Them Both, Body And Soul, Could Have Dire Consequences In A World Of Dreams And In The Waking One As Well

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    I decided to read this book after reading Bared to You which I loved.SPOILER ALERT Basically you automatically get introduced to the main characters Lyssa Bates and Aiden Cross Lyssa is a regular human Dreamer while Aiden is a nearly immortal Guardian When dreamers fall asleep, but before they enter deep sleep, they enter the Twilight which is another dimension which we know as the dream world The Guardians each have certain tasks for the Dreamers They are able to enter their dreams and basically give them their dreams Some able to fulfil deep desires of the Dreamers disguised as who the Dreamers wish to see, some even just creating a setting of maybe a picnic or sport event, all without the Dreamer ever knowing their identity or the truth of what goes on However, the main job for the Guardians is to protect the Dreamers from the Nightmares The Nightmares wish to haunt the dreams of the Dreamers until slowly they deteriorate from exhaustion, fear of sleep and so on However, the Guardians constanly search for The Key The Key is a Dreamer who is able to control their dreams and see the Guardian s true identities The Key is said to have the power to open the Gateway and allow the Nightmares to enter the human world would be a disaster as we know it, which is why the Elders search for it and wish to destroy it.So, Aiden is assigned enter Lyssa s dream world The E...

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    3 Very Erotic StarsI listened to the audio version of Pleasures of the Night I love Sylvia Day She s one of the first romance authors I read There s something about the classic way she writes I find comforting You don t stray from what you love Pleasure of the Night is an Erotic paranormal book It s out there and it s really steamy I would say about 70% of the book is steam, so if you are like me and listen to books at work, just make sure the volume is on low because you don t want your co workers to hear you.I m all about unique and out of the box storylines, but based on the reviews, this isn t for everyone It s about Lyssa having sex dreams, but her sex dreams aren t really dreams, she s actually having sex with Aidan The dreams are crazy hot A lot goes on in the book, like who Aidan really is and why Aidan and Lyssa can t be together The plot kind of takes a back...

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    Oh dear God,this book has no beginning,no plot and what an end. They are fuc ing each other almost whole damn book.I need a break from this kind of novels cuz every one is starting to look the same and is little frustrating

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    I actually found the premise of this novel very interesting, unfortunately it was just written by a amateur writer I felt completely disconnected from the love between the two main characters Day kept writing on the page how passionate they were together but I didn t pick up on that when reading It take to convey passion and a depth of feeling then simply stating it in black and ...

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    This is my 1st book by Silvya Day and all I can say is oh em gee LOL I was completely taken by surprise with the sex scenes in this book I knew when I decided to give this type of book a try, based on the description that it would have some erotic scenes but was shocked when I read the 1st page I got...

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    I m actually reading this book again for the second time before I start on the next book.I love love loved reading this book again for the second time I loved the way Aidan Cross simply adored Lyssa They both had such a great connection and their sex scenes were hot I found through out the book I was holding my breath through certain parts The first time I read this book it honestly took me by surprise with the whole dream sequences and such but as I got through it I just fell in love with how much these two just were awesome together and then when Aidan finally could stay away no longer he travelled to be with Lyssa That would be every girls dreams come ...

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    I don t know how to start this review Because while I loved this book I also felt it was lacking But I also don t know what it was lacking I m a freaking mess about this book right now.I listened to the audio of this book So I m thinking that is why I m having such trouble I wish this was written in first person because maybe that d have made it easier to follow along with the audio version I don t know.Anywho, I was ridiculously interested in this series when I read the synopsis I mean a world that thrives and survives on erotic dreams Count me tf in There was so much smut in this book My gosh It was like dying and going to erotic book heaven Fuck yes But seriously, the smut was what attracted me to this book And the fact that it was available for free through my library.Lyssa and Aiden s story had enough going for it to keep me intrigued The smut was a huge deciding factor of that Because I am still so confused about wtf is actually going on in this book And what makes it even confusing is the fact that the next book is told in Conner s POV WHAT I feel like Lyssa and Aiden s story isn t finished Especially with figuring out what she is and what she can do Like how do you end a book like the way this one ended and then switch the fucking MCs in the next book I don t know what is happening And I m so terribly confused And I m awfully upset thi...

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    I rented this book in the audiobook format I have to say, reading Sylvia Day s books is one thing, and hearing it is a completely different experience Listening to this book allowed my imagination to dig deeper into the story and its characters This is a very hot and steamy take on dreams and nightmares It totally had me dreaming of my own Aidan Cross before I even made it to the end.I won t give spoilers away though, because A I don t want to ruin it for any one of you, and B this book is already a pretty short one and I d hate to take even one tidbit of it from you.A short synopsis This main storyline is about the Guardians who live in the Twilight Their Elite team fight against the nightmares that threaten to take over their world and harm the subconscious of us humans Love is found along the way between a Guardian and a Dreamer human And of course, it won t be a Sylvia Day creation without some erotic lovemaking scene...

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    I thought this story had an interesting premise, and I have enjoyed other books by this author Bared to You , so I started Pleasures of the Night but I just can t finish it.It is going in my DNF stack After starting out briskly, when we meet Lyssa and Aidan Cross, the plot seems to start spinning in circles I understand that the author has to explain her fantasy world and its rules to her readers, but surprisingly, there just seems to be waay too much smoke ...

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    I m trying very hard not to DNF itI m finding it very slow going.EDIT Okay, so I ended up DNFing it, speed reading through the second half to see if it would get any better It didn t I just didn t believe any of it the plot, the characters, their motives.

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