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[Ebook] ➧ Eat to Beat Disease Author William W. Li –

Eat to Beat Disease Is Your Diet Feeding Or Defeating Disease Forget Everything You Think You Know About Your Body And Food, And Discover The New Science Of How The Body Heals Itself Learn How To Identify The Strategies And The Dosages For Using Food To Transform Your Resilience And Health In EAT TO BEAT DISEASE.We Have Radically Underestimated Our Body S Power To Transform And Restore Our Health Pioneering Physician Scientist, Dr William Li, Empowers Readers By Showing Them The Evidence Behind Over 200 Health Boosting Foods That Can Starve Cancer, Reduce Your Risk Of Dementia, And Beat Dozens Of Avoidable Diseases EAT TO BEAT DISEASE Isn T About What Foods To Avoid, But Rather Is A Life Changing Guide To The Hundreds Of Healing Foods To Add To Your Meals That Support The Body S Defense Systems, Including PlumsCinnamonJasmine TeaRed Wine And BeerBlack BeansSan Marzano TomatoesOlive OilPacific OystersCheeses Like Jarlsberg, Camembert And CheddarSourdough BreadThe Book S Plan Shows You How To Integrate The Foods You Already Love Into Any Diet Or Health Plan To Activate Your Body S Health Defense Systems Angiogenesis, Regeneration, Microbiome, DNA Protection, And Immunity To Fight Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular, Neurodegenerative, And Autoimmune Diseases, And Other Debilitating Conditions.Both Informative And Practical, EAT TO BEAT DISEASE Explains The Science Of Healing And Prevention, The Strategies For Using Food To Actively Transform Health, And Points The Science Of Well Being And Disease Prevention In An Exhilarating New Direction.

[Ebook] ➧ Eat to Beat Disease  Author William W. Li –
  • Hardcover
  • 688 pages
  • Eat to Beat Disease
  • William W. Li
  • 13 May 2018
  • 9781538715499

    10 thoughts on “[Ebook] ➧ Eat to Beat Disease Author William W. Li –

  1. says:

    I received an Advance Reading Copy of Eat to Beat Disease by William W Li, MD from the publisher Grand Central Life and Style in exchange for an honest review Eat to Beat Disease is scheduled for release on March 19, 2019.This is a nonfiction, health and wellness book Dr Li presents wellness as the sum of five parts Angiogenesis, Regeneration, Microbiome, DNA Protection, and Immunity He discusses these five factors of wellness, focusing on the role diet plays in each Later chapters go into detail regarding foods, presenting lots of evidence data from a variety of studies to back up Dr Li s statements The final portion of the book presents an eating plan choose five foods to eat each day one food for each of the five factors.I did appreciate the level of research that went into this book Dr Li cites hundreds of scientific papers and studies as he moves through the foods he has chosen to discuss in each chapter There is little doubt that these foods are foods that contribute to wellness However, Dr Li at some points presents evidence that he then dismisses or downplays, as he has a clear bias against anti inflammatory diets Dr Li seems to suggest that since some of the foods tha...

  2. says:

    A life changing book Even if you consider yourself savvy about nutrition buy this book If you know nothing buy this book If you are facing a disease or want to avoid them buy this book I often pass on books to friends or relatives but this one I am keeping and advising everyone else to get their own copy I swear I do not know Dr Li nor am I making a commission, I just feel very strongly that this book can revolutionize your life.This book is a time commitment, but the pay off is priceless The first 1 3 I felt like I was in medical school almost but that really helps you to understand how your body is working when it is healthy or when it is fighting disease The next bit discusses with studies to back up every claim food hundreds of individual items and tells you what disease it prevents or fights The last section has sample menus, recipes and a system for incorporating a minimum of the foods taylored to your own goals To say this...

  3. says:

    The Doctor explains the 5 defense systems in your body 5 disease fighting foods 5 times a day.These lists are long, of what to incorporate into your daily meals.Some things were very new to me such as Tomatoes cooked in Olive oil Stone fruits are the best for you.Tillapia is not the best fish for you to eat Beer or wine once a day is good for you.Dark chocolate is a must once a day.This book explains the science of healing and p...

  4. says:

    The most helpful part of this book is the recommended system for including healthy foods into your diet My discomfort comes from what I believe is an undue reliance on epidemiological nutrition studies They have to be taken with than a grain of salt, because at best, they only show a correlation, not causation which is implied throughout the book The new science isn t that new If you re interest...

  5. says:

    This was a broke ass version of Dr Michael Greger s How Not to Die Li s book is chaotic and often contradictory to appease the masses How he can responsibly recommend cured meats because the animals were fed acorns is beyond me He then reminds readers that the WHO notes processed meats are a carcinogen before once again touting the healthy fat in the chestnut and acorn fed Italian and Spanish pigs Ridiculous He s only placating an already gluttonous populous by recommending ham, beer, and cheese I was offended that Dr T Colin Campbell put his stamp of approval on this work And then there s the ...

  6. says:

    Excellent stuff The studies and information presented here match a lot of other reading I ve done on the subject of eating for health I can also point to dietary changes I ve made and the effects they ve had that match ones discussed in this book I always recommend making better food choices, but I also really do suggest giving this a try The author does not impose eating restrictions Rather, he discusses foods that help to promote strengthening the body s natural defense mechanisms and then offers suggestions for working each group of foods into a daily diet Aside from the usual suspects processed foods, sugar,...

  7. says:

    The author presents common sense eating The book is well researched and presented simply to consume foods to help heal oneself Additionally, eating a balanced diet from the food lists to maintain health This is an excellent reference book for the health...

  8. says:

    If I could afford to buy a copy for every person I know I would Dr Li presents information about the healing properties of different types of foods and what they do He never tells you how to eat He presents the science in...

  9. says:

    I received this book from a Goodreads giveaway Thanks for your generosity I enjoyed this book, and appreciate the amount of research put into it While I had read many of the tips before from multiple sources, it was nice to have it all in one place It s also a lot of common sense eat fresh foods over processed, eat plants I was happy to see some recipes in the book, many with surprising combinations that I wouldn t have tried without guidance I like that the author is about adding different foods than restricting or removing others from a diet I personally will voluntarily remove unhealthy choices after I ve found a replacement much eas...

  10. says:

    I was really excited about the concept, but the book was twice as long as necessary, extremely repetitive, and repeated typical talking points like rah rah whole grains, soy is a health food, cholesterol is evil, saturated fat is evil and even touts commercial fruit juices without any caveats whatsoever Overall, extremely biased with a few i...

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