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[Ebook] ↠ Leading the Witness Author Chantal Fernando –

Leading the WitnessNew York Times Bestselling Author Chantal Fernando Turns Up The Heat RT Book Reviews In This Steamy Standalone Novel When A Divorce Lawyer Finds Himself Stuck Between His Client And The Woman He Desires And Soon He Ll Be Forced To Choose Sides.Hunter Brayze Doesn T Always Like His Clients But As The Divorce Attorney For Bentley Channing Law, He Doesn T Have To So When He Meets His Latest Client, Even Though He Can T Stand The Guy, Let Alone Understand How Any Woman Would Ever Marry Him, He Is Still Determined To Win His Case But He Never Expects Taking This Client Would Turn His Entire World Upside Down.When He Comes Face To Face With His Client S Soon To Be Ex, He S Shocked To See Riley McMahon, Owner Of His Local Pub And The Woman He S Wanted Ever Since He First Laid Eyes On Her He Didn T Even Know She Was Getting A Divorce, And Now He S Stuck Defending The Man Who Wants To Screw Riley Out Of Everything Feeling Like He S Betraying Her, Hunter Vows To Settle This Case As Quickly As He Can By Any Means Possible Because After Months Of Flirting With Riley At The Pub, And Now Knowing That She Ll Soon Be Free, Hunter Is Determined To Make Her His.But As The Proceedings Get Messier And Secrets Are Revealed, Hunter S Running Out Of Tricks To Keep Both Parties Happy And When Someone Sets Riley S Pub On Fire, He Can T Help But Suspect His Own Client Torn Between His Professional Code Of Ethics And His Intense Connection With Riley, Hunter Finds Himself At A Crossroads Wondering Whose Interests He Ll Ultimately Protect.

[Ebook] ↠ Leading the Witness Author Chantal Fernando –
  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • Leading the Witness
  • Chantal Fernando
  • English
  • 22 May 2017
  • 9781501172397

    10 thoughts on “[Ebook] ↠ Leading the Witness Author Chantal Fernando –

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    An office romance, mixed with a bar owner character that keeps you wanting of their undeniable chemistry towards each other When it comes down to office romances, I am a goner for sure This novel though does not inquire so much of an office romance vibe, but the opposite kinds of world vibe where we have a divorce lawyer and a bar tender taking place into the aspect of being two of the most stubborn characters I have ever read, but have this powerful chemistry that has honestly proved to me that there is a chance for a second opportunity at finding your one true soulmate Hunter and Riley are both individuals that have danced around the whole idea of flirting The reason why is because throughout that one year of knowing each other, there has been an obstacle that has put them at a stop for wanting to proceed with their relationship That is, that Riley is married but is in the tropes of getting a divorce That s when the pickle kicks in and they are both yet again being put in a situation that includes morals and professionalism To make this review short and swee...

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    WRITING PLOT PACE This one was just OK for me There wasn t anything wrong with it per se, but it just left me a bit meh All the OW stuff women he slept withwomen flirting with him got tiresome after a while Plus, I couldn t stand Riley I do enjoy this author s writing, so that aspect was very good The pace was a bit slow for me The plot was OK I found myself losing interest halfway through I think the combination of finding Riley annoying How slow the relationship was moving, and the constant OW stuff just left me less than impressed with the book overall HERO HUNTERHonestly Hunter was the star of this book I loved his character He was sweet A good friend A manwhore, but very recently he had toned it down He had an endless supply of patience with Riley Pretty much ALL my three stars are thanks to Hunter HEROINE RILEYRiley was another big reason this one didn t work for me I couldn t STAND her character AT ALL First, I hate heroines that let pride get in the way of being smart She has an entire group of lawyer friends yet she doesn t ONCE ask a single one of them for help or advice about her divorce Second, she was as a bitch IMO and her flip flopping about Hunter drove me nuts Pretty much everything ab...

  3. says:

    Hunter Brayze Divorce attorney for Bentley Channing Law Hunter is known as the tatted up, playboy lawyer of the firm He s easy going and the ladies love him Riley caught his eye a year ago when she opened up her new Pub however she s married and off limits.Riley McMahon Owner of local pub called Riley s She s got a pin up girl vibe to her She s sweet but sassy Married but soon to be divorced and she has a thing for Hunter She see s the playboy in him and knows that s the last thing she needs right after a divorce.Riley is a total sweetheart She and her soon to be ex have grown apart and want different things She just wants a quiet divorce and only wants her dog and her pub even though she is entitled to half of everything The ex is being petty and wants to take everything away from her Unbeknownst to Riley and Hunter, the ex hires Hunter as his divorce attorney I really enjoy it when an author takes a playboy and turns him into a loyal, protective boyfriend He s been attracted to Riley for a year but knew she was off limits The minute he finds out his new client is her husband, he s ticked that she didn t tell him but also elated to know that she will soon be free to date He s in an impossible situation but ha...

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    Good start with good characters.BUT the longer it went on the less I liked the characters and then it just turned into a big pile of OTT sweetness.Plus, it s hard to root for a Hero who Gets and ex fuck buddy to represent the heroine in her divorce proceedings Invites the heroine AND OW he s fucked to his birthday party States I always fuck on the first date You re a bit of a slut how the Heros assistant describes him Hero plans a first date with heroine that includes naked jacuzzi time States the longest he s been without sex is since he started pursuing the heroine less than 2 weeks at that point BUT he s wanted the heroine for over a yearAlsoI once had a job for 6 months where is worked with lawyers on a daily basis and I m fairly certain I have lega...

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    Not rating, but leaving this here to help others who have the same preferences I do Stop reading as there may be what some deem spoilers, though I ve seen this information in other reviews as well Hunter and Riley have known each other, and flirted with one another, for a year Riley is married during this time, though she s unhappy and knows a divorce is imminent Hunter is a manwhore and continued sleeping with OW even after meeting the heroine and wanting her so much Yes, I know, she s off limits and in his head always will be as she s married, but I d hoped for out of this story Also, it seems as if every woman within his range just had to flirt with him Please That s just ridiculous Lastly, Hunter hires a woman, Annabelle, that he s slept with to represent Riley That s disgusting and disrespectful to the heroine Is it too hard to have him be just friends or co workers with a woman without needing to bang her or already having done so Being intimate in the past and ...

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    Readers who have read Chantal Fernando s Conflict of Interest series are than familiar with Hunter Brayze the gorgeous tattooed divorce lawyer who never lacks female attention, and now in, Leading the Witness, Fernando places this playboy attorney in a rather precarious position one that makes Hunter question his code of ethics and makes him doubt his professionalism when, for personal reasons, he s begins to push for a quick and easy fix for his current client s divorce settlement.Talk about a conflict of interest Hunter doesn t usually care if he likes his clients or not, but not only does he have a hard time interacting with this particular man, but come to find out, the man he s representing wants to leave his soon to be ex with NOTHING and she just so happens to be the one woman Hunter s always been attracted to but never acted on due to her martial status.Riley McMahon can t seem to catch a break when it comes to dealing with her impending divorce Her husband is beyond an asshat and she doesn t deserve his mistreatment, but she endures and keeps her head held high because that s kind of independent woman she is and will continue to be despite the shitstorm that surrounds her But boy ...

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    Only the strong can forgive I m really enjoying this series I ve become really attached to the Conflict of Interest characters and look forward to catching up with them as each new book in the series is released They are a tight knit group who have each other s backs, but they also have a sense of humor and give each other a hard time Their witty banter is highly entertaining And I must say, they re as talented in the bedroom as they are in the courtroom which makes for a very sexy read.Huntersigh Let s just say that he looks very sexy in a suit, and even better out of it. Riley might be married, but she s not blind Any woman would admit that, He s the type of man songs are written about Books are dedicated to Movies are made with fucking Jason Mamoa playing him He caught her attention the first time he walked into her Pub and he s kept it ever since What She can t help seeing him when he comes in with his co workers to have lunch a few times a week for the last year, right That group of lawyers has become loyal customers and good friends She trusts them, but that doesn t mean she takes advantage of their friendship b...

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    ARC received via Netgalley for an honest reviewI have adored everything I have ready by Ms Fernando, and I am a big fan of her Conflict of Interest series.I have been waiting for Hunter s story, and Ms Fernando certainly did not disappoint He is the hottie lawyer, hiding his tattoos under expensive suits However he does wear his heart on his sleeve, and he has been wearing it for Riley for a long time I love the banter between our lovelies, and sparks sure do fly between them.I love Riley s kick ass, I don t need your help attitude, even when it is to her detriment I also love that she will take the help albeit reluctantly at first when it is offered.Hunter s name says it all He goes for what he wants eventually And oh my, how wouldn t want to be hunted by Hunter I adore that he is so protective of his friends, would go to bat for any of...

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    3.75 starsI enjoyed Jaxon s book so I was looking forward to Hunter s since we got sense of him and the bar owner the firm gang frequents And what a conflict of interest it is for Hunter and Riley Thing is Hunter really has feelings for her, just wrong timing with the divorce and him bring her ex s lawyer Suffice to the ex is also a prick and Riley did not have it easy with the mediation It s good that Hunter bided his time and was patient in the whole situation But it wasn t too long, what with all the sexual tension between them I liked Hunter enough Riley took me a while to like Now for the mystery and danger part didn t come in till much later In a way felt thrown in for the extra plot It kind felt draggy after the initial part was solved but I was still curious how it would end I wished the book is the cover was connected with how Hunter is described in the book with a beard and not clean cut But i...

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    This book is fabulous The story is very gripping and so much goes on that you just need to shut the family up so that you can read Riley has a lot of stuff going on in her life and Hunter is the last thing she thinks she needs Silly woman Take him and take him NOW That s my opinion Hunter is simply divine ...

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