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[Epub] ↠ Life and Then Love Author Chessela Helm –

Life and Then Love Some People Have Love During Life, But Some People Have Life And Then Love.Lisette Is Shocked When She Discovers Her New House Has An Old Occupant The Ghost Of The Man Who Lived There Before Her As A Shade, Thomas S Body Temperature Might Be The Same As The Room, But His Good Looks Make Lisette Feel Toasty They Become Friends And Then Add In Benefits, But She S Hesitant To Commit To A Relationship With Someone Who Can T Go Out In Public Thomas Is Finally Over The Depression He Had During His Lifetime He S Growing As A Writer, Thanks To Lisette S Skills As An Editor Unfortunately, Her Desire For A Normal Boyfriend Means Thomas Needs To Move Out And Move On He Travels The World, But His Heart Still Only Thinks Of One Place As Home.Soon Lisette Realizes She Misses Thomas, And She Ll Do Whatever It Takes To Bring Him Back It S Her Turn To Write The Next Chapter, And She Refuses To Leave Their Page Blank.This Novel Has Two Versions, Which Goodreads Has Now Collapsed Into One If You Don T Like Graphic Sex Scenes, Then Read The Romance Version, Pictured Above If You Prefer Your Romance A Little Spicier, Check Out The Erotica Version It Has Purple Around The Cover Rather Than Red The Erotica Version Is For 18 And Up Readers.This Book Is A Standalone, Although It Mentions Characters Found In The Runaround Series.

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    This was a short little read that had a lot of promise to me I loved Thomas and Lisette but a lot of the dialogue fell flat for me I found myself skimming conversations and I don t feel like I lost anything from the book by doing so There was just quite a bit of pointless conversation and narration that I didn t think needed to be there Of course without it the story would have been much shorter but I don t necessarily see that as a bad thing Any...

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    Loads of funI really enjoyed this book It was fun and sexy But, on a serious note, I am grateful for the way the author dealt with suicide I have lost two people I love to suicide One due to a terminal disease, and one due to depression It infuriates me to have people claim that people who take their own lives are c...

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    I love the premise of this story new house comes with sexy ghost A perfect room mate with benefits I found Lissette oddly understated, her emotional reactions somehow muted I think partly do the stilted writing style That tended to bog down the story I found myself skimming to the plot points and the very satisfying HEA They sat down and saw that Maria had also brought a friend He was a ridiculously handsome man with hair that was even longer than Thomas s It went to his shoulders It was lighter brown than Thomas s as were his eyes He was smiling, though, and he and an aura of warmth and comfort...

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    A Pleasant Digression from the Usual RomanceI thoroughly enjoyed this delightful romp into the supernatural when book editor Lisette meets ghost Thomas in the living room of her new home Lisette discovers she and Thomas have much in common, and they become close friends, but she doesn t believe there s any serious future with the handsome shade Their seemingly uncomplicated togetherness goes awry when Lisette begins dating one of her former author clients and Thomas realizes he cares too much.I decided to step out of my usual mystery genre to try something differe...

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