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❧ The Portal free download ➛ Author Kathryn Lasky –

The PortalHarperCollins Has Acquired A Middle Grade Series Called Mean Queens By Newbery Honor Author Kathryn Lasky, In A Three Book Deal The Books Tell The Story Of An Orphaned 12 Year Old Girl Who Finds Herself Traveling Between Present Day Middle School And The Court Of Two English Princesses, Elizabeth And Mary, Both Daughters Of King Henry VIII Publication Of The First Book Is Set For March 2019.

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    This is a difficult review to write Because I wanted to like this book I was looking forward to it Time travel and Queen Elizabeth Good show But at last, disappointment was waiting for me It was quite drawn out If it had been a bit shorter, it would have been considerably enjoyable.Right from the start, we are thrown into a country song In the very first sentence, the protagonist Rose, is being bullied Then we find out that her mother just died, and her father appears to be a deadbeat who has abandoned her She has just moved in with her a grandmother who suffers from Alzheimer s, and as such, can t always remember that her granddaughter is there.Well thank goodness there is no dog Waitit was a cat The cat died too.This all happens within the first chapter I had a difficult time feeling any empathy for her, because all of her traumatic experiences were forced upon me so quickly.The one I felt the most empathy for, was actually the grandmother.The times that she and Rose spend together are very sweet When she is cognitive, she is able to talk to Rose about her mother But the moment the...

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    The digital arc of this book was kindly provided by the publisher via Edelweiss website in exchange for an honest review.The main idea of this book is fascinating but the execution really fell flat, in my opinion It was ridiculously over the top when it came to bullying, extremely simplistic when the friendship was concerned and just wasn t...

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    I m desparate for book 2

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    Kathryn Lasky s latest, Tangled in Time is a terrific time traveling tale sure to tantalize fans of historical fiction AND fantasy in one fantastic swoop Meet Rose, a little girl lost after the death of her mother and Rosalinda, her eccentric grandma who spends her time immersed in her elaborate greenhouse When Rose begins to help with her grandma s gardening tasks, she too becomes entangled in the mysteries hidden wit...

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    This book is not the normal fairytale retelling, instead it is a fictional retelling of real princesses This book took Rose from current day where she has lost everything and is now the new girl, to the time of Princess Elizabeth daughter off Anne B...

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    The Portal is the first book in Lasky s Tangled in Time series I quite enjoyed the setting of Hatfield during the sixteenth century There were nice tidbits of information from the time period, like how people might have brushed their teeth with twigs of bayberry and juniper Lasky also incorporated photo s of time period clothing and shoes as well as portions of Rose s blog posts, diary entries and letters she shares with Franny into the story Truthfully, if Rose spent the whole time in England, I would have enjoyed the story so much It might have felt magical Rose never completely immersed herself into the time period She straddled between the two, bringing the twenty first century with her in her expressions and mannerisms There also appeared to be many inconsistencies that stuck out to me, like how everyone in Hatfield took Rose so literally at her words and that they don t really question her use of common twenty first century phrases as being odd, they just seem to gloss over them Even Rose s actions aren t consistent, one minute Rose is reprimanding Elizabeth for her demeaning remarks to a chambermaid and then herself refers to Princess Mary as snailhead Then there was the trio of means girls, who just seemed unnecessarily mean Perhaps if the message was consistently made that all forms of bullying are wrong it would have worked better for me Lastly, I found that I wanted to know about Rose s grandmother She seemed like such a sweet elderly lady But why ...

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    A great book Loved very much Didn t feel rushed nor did it lag A good steady pace to read The Tudors are my favorite historical family so while obviously not historically accurate with the main character involved, the hist...

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    I feel so bad that I didn t like this book because the cover is just gorgeous, but the story really irritated me with how it treated some of the historical figures.

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    I justdon t understand Ok first, props for the cover Very appealing cover, and the audiobook narrator was pretty good too And granted, I m hardly the target age audience for such a book perhaps my 10 year old self would have enjoyed it Perhaps But while I normally enjoy historical fiction in any form, this was one of the very few times where I actually found the present day plot line compelling A middle school girl dealing with the death of her mother while learning to love her aging grandmother and make new friends This could be a sweet and compelling story, especially with the greenhouse s the main backdrop We the readers could walk through the seasons with Rose as she learns to care for plants and see new friendships grow I ve admittedly not read a wide selection of time travel tales, but to me a time travel story only works if the time travel is well incorporated into the rest of the book Will Rose learn lessons in the past that help her in her present situation, or vice versa Will she find herself stuck in the past, permanently unable to get home Is she temporarily inhabiting the body or mind of some historical ancestor, Assassin s Creed style Was she actually born in the past and brought forward to the 21st century So many possibilities, but no answer...

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    The book was a mess Utter mess The author is a lady with old writing style The starting was really interesting and the book had great potential But it got worse.It was like a mix of mean girls in a history book It s not at all fair and full of cliche s.The story is a low fantasy which happens both in 21st century and 16th century in Tudor period.The characters potrayed are mostly women and most of them are either showed bad mean or good shy Human beings have layers No one is good or bad.I can clearly say no one should read this book It potrays women so bad and the characters Just because Mary the Bloody Mary was a real villain in the history doesn t mean she had to be a jerk all the time.According to the author , All the royals are spoiled and screwed Seriously I ve read the cousin s war by philippa gregory and some history I knew what happened during Henry VIII reign Probably the whole world know that too We don t really need a retelling if its not really a RE telling.The author has gone with all the cliche s and roles there are There isn t a single surprise or unique moment.Everyone is good or bad and royal kids are being kids Is it even possible After your mom and stepmom being beheaded by your father , will you still go play behind a tree Edward was the worst portrayal He had been through worse He won t act like a child after a seve...

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