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[EPUB] ✺ Inés del alma mía ✽ Isabel Allende –

Inés del alma míaScriitoarea Chiliana Isabel Allende Este O Povestitoare Fabuloasa, Ale Carei Carti, Traduse In Peste Treizeci De Limbi, Se Vand In Milioane De Exemplare Si Au Devenit Bestselleruri Pe Patru Continente.In Anii Treizeci Ai Secolului Al XVI Lea, Tanara Ines Suarez Se Hotaraste Sa Paraseasca Spania Imbarcandu Se Pe Un Vas Ce Se Indreapta Spre Lumea Noua, Ines Nu Stie Insa Ca Ii Sta Scris In Stele Sa Deseneze Pe Harta Lumii, Impreuna Cu Misteriosul Pedro De Valdivia, Conturul Unei Tari.Nimic Nu Parea Sa O Predestineze Pe Ines Suarez, O Croitoreasa Spaniola Frumusica Si Modesta, Unei Vieti Iesite Din Comun Insa Ines Se Hotaraste Sa Si Regaseasca Sotul, Plecat La Razboi Dincolo De Ocean, Si Astfel Tanara Ajunge In Americi, Unde O Asteapta O Noua Iubire, Dar Si O Viata Plina De Lupte Grele Si Rare Momente De Fericire Alaturi De Capitanul Pedro De Valdivia, Aceasta Eroina A Spaniei De Care Istoria S A Ocupat Atat De Putin Ajunge Adevarata Intemeietoare A Regatului Chile Povestea De Iubire Dintre Pedro Si Ines, Ce Dureaza Mai Bine De Treizeci De Ani, E Traita Cu Intreaga Disperare Si Intensitate Conferite De O Existenta Mereu Primejduita De Iminenta Unui Raz Boi Cu Indienii Mapuche Trecand Prin Toate Primejdiile Imaginabile, Convertindu Se Deopotriva In Sfetnic, Strateg, Infirmiera Improvizata, Dar Si In Mama Spirituala A Colonistilor, Ines Isi Asuma Un Ultim Rol, Pe Cel De Cronicar Al Evenimentelor Care Au Precedat Intemeierea Statului Chile, Si Isi Relateaza Povestea De Dragoste Si Tradare.

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    In the Americas every man was his own master he never had to bow to anyone, he could begin anew, be a different person, live a different life There no one bore his dishonor for years, and even the humblest could rise in the world Many years ago, I read several of Isabel Allende s books and fell in love with them Novels like The House of Spirits, Daughter of Fortune and Of Love and Shadows put Allende on my list of favorite authors at the time Whenever I saw any of her books at a library book sale, I would eagerly snatch them up Then a couple of years ago I read one of her recent pieces, The Japanese Lover, and was somewhat lukewarm about it As a result, those books I had been so keen to buy just sat on my bookshelf for some time Until now The result Well, let s just say I found it interesting, but I feel less than enthused to tell you all about it Bottom line, this means that there was an emotional connection lacking here for me With Pedro de Valdivia I lived a life of legend, and with him I conquered a kingdom Written in the first person, In s of my Soul recounts the settling of the country of Chile by the Spanish conquistadors during the sixteenth century In s Suarez was instrumental in the founding ...

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    In s del alma m a Ines of my soul, Isabel AllendeIn s of My Soul Spanish In s del alma m a, 2006 is a historical novel by Chilean author Isabel Allende The novel consists of an elderly In s Su rez writing a memoir of her life She narrates about her relationship with Pedro de Valdivia and the obstacles they had to overcome to conquer Chile and found the City of Santiago The novel relates the main facts of the life of In s, as written to be read by her adoptive daughter Isabel In the first chapter, Europe, 1500 1537 , she describes her life in Plasencia, mainly her married life and affair with Juan of M laga, in addition to her hard trip to A...

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    This is an epic historical novel about the founding of Chile in the Sixteenth Century We follow events through the eyes of Ines who, in her old age, is writing a memoir for her daughter Ines, based on the historical figure of Ines de Suarez, lived a full life into her seventies, surviving two husbands and a long term lover One husband and the lover were pioneers and governors of the struggling settlement of Santiago at the core of Chile, settled from Peru to the north Ines suffered hardships in leaving Spain for the New World, arriving in Peru, and in traveling across the deserts and mountains from Peru to Chile Much of the book focuses on the displacement of the native American Indian population, the ferocious battles between the Spanish and the Indians, and the cruelties inflicted by one group upon the other, some of which is hard to stomach As Governess of t...

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    A very In s kind of review I have been a reader for the last eleven years and am now the loyal fan of Isabel Allende , writing this review of In s of My Soul in the year of Our Lord 2012.I am not sure whether this review will convince anyone to read this book but I am sure this is one of the best historical novels ever written and Isabel Allende is, undoubtedly, the only writer who hovers between a historian, a storyteller and a feminist.As a result this book isn t limited to a single genre It is a historically accurate account of a powerful sixteenth century conquistadora, a feminist novel and a work of fiction In other words, a perfect amalgamation of fact, fiction and feminism When you read it, you re a part of it The imagery is so strong, you can almost feel things happening You can see the destruction, feel the heat, smell the blood and gag at the dust And the language is so convincing, you can never separate fact from fiction You even tend to forget who is writing the story Allende or In s herself The book is so intense, so passionate and so strong that the effect it creates is incredible In fact, I am not even sure whether In s of My Soul is a book because it has an identity of its own It is almost like a living, breathing woman How exactly Isabel Allende managed to create such a powerful, beautiful book is impossible to say For me, it is indubitably the best book I ve read this year It encapsulates three of m...

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    While this did not live up to some of Isabel Allende s other work in terms of either writing style or character development, the history was fascinating It is a fictionalized account of the founding of Chile, told through the eyes of the mother of the country, the leading conquistador s mistress The book is written to be her memoirs, so there are rather annoying interludes in which the narrator is in her present day, talking about how she must finish the story before she dies, blah blah blah, and her comments about the other characters personal...

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