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[Ebook] ↠ La Habana para un infante difunto Author Guillermo Cabrera Infante –

La Habana para un infante difuntoL Avana Prima Dell Avvento Di Castro La Protagonista Del Romanzo L Altro Eroe Lo Scrittore Stesso Che, Tra Infanzia E Adolescenza, Vive Proprio All Avana Una Iniziazione Alla Vita Di Inebriante Intensit Curiosit E Timidezze, Infatuazioni E Amori, Entusiasmi E Delusioni, Incontri E Amplessi, Tutto Confluisce In Questo Romanzo Di Formazione Epico E Picaresco, Che Inizia Come Un Libro Di Ricordi Per Poi Trasformarsi In Una Incalzante Fantasmagoria Licenziosa, Raccontata Con Sottile Umorismo Prefazione Di Carlo Bo.

[Ebook] ↠ La Habana para un infante difunto Author Guillermo Cabrera Infante –
  • Paperback
  • 585 pages
  • La Habana para un infante difunto
  • Guillermo Cabrera Infante
  • Italian
  • 23 August 2018
  • 9788811668428

    10 thoughts on “[Ebook] ↠ La Habana para un infante difunto Author Guillermo Cabrera Infante –

  1. says:

    Cuban author and master wordsmith G Cabrera Infante s novel set in pre Castro Havana presents a plot plodding along in four hundred pages with a sexual sameness as he recounts his many horny hormonally charged adolescent adventures in and out of luscious, lovely, lively lasses and in and out of many memorable move theaters The only reason a reader would want to continue reading past, say, page fifty, is the stunningly sublime wordplay pungun punning, multiple malapropisms, outlandish onomatopoeia, lipograms, pangrams, tautograms, autograms and anagrams, neologisms, mangled morphemes, retronyms, oxymorons, acronyms, not to mention, among numerous others, regional slang and juicy janusisms Apologies for all these odd obscure terms I had to look most of these up myself to understand the author s wordplay completely as I ve been reading this novel novel on and off for the past several months.Here s our narrator no pun intending as he moves among the movers and shakers I woke Etelvina dutifully many times, knocking on her door not like a cuckoo but like a woodpecker no pun intended And at another time, reflecting on an all too communal Communist But I feared that he was in Havana not for party reasons but for partying reasons that ...

  2. says:

    A testosterone fuelled mastercodpiece, Infante s Inferno is a testostathon like no other a novel rife in relentless cunnilexicon, non stop punnilingus, and frequent polylickwell play, a rampant semi autobiographical account of the author s late teenage erotic exploits A vivid evocation of life in 30s and 40s Havana, the novel chronicles the protagonist s fumblings and failings in cinemas and cheap hotel rooms, his first erotic encounter with prostitutes, and his initiation into the sexual arts with Juliet Estevez a curvaceous expert in providing pleasure on tap to willing men while her husband works The second half of the novel is devoted to Margarita his first love, whose mysterious charms and missing breast opens the narrative up to a comic feast of delirious proportions Like Alexander Theroux s Darconville s...

  3. says:

    So my dad just came back from Havana, he really did, just got back from having dinner with him I said, I m reading this book, maybe you want to read it when I m finished It s a bit like a memoir of life in Havana My dad opened up one page, read a line, wrinkled his nose Flicked to another page, read a line, wrinkled his nose Read the blurb, frown...

  4. says:

    One of the best books I have ever read Brilliant A real jewel One of those books you do not want to endCabrera Infante goes back to his youth hood in La Habana, Cuba,in the 30 40 s and describes his education sentimentale and the progressive learning of love, sex and seduction The book is a real hymn to the woman or women always searched, always desired, and to la Habana, discovered at the same time and loved in the same passionate way I had the chance to read most of...

  5. says:

    The portrayal of the women is completely stereotypical and superficial Each time the character pursued a woman, I thought Ok, can we get to know her What is she like Instead, all the narrator is focused on is getting laid.Infante s claim to fame is his use of word play and puns in the Spanish language Spanish isn t a language adept to these kind of word games in the first place Most of the puns in Spanish in this book are ineffectual and lame, and most of the time they are in English anyway The alliteration isn t particularly propulsive, it grates.This book was written in London Infante is compared to Joyce, because he s a quintessential Cuban reflecting on the land of his birth Joyce, though, tried to create a kind of literary cosmology where every aspect of Dublin could be rebuilt and reconstituted All Infante seems to care about is remembering juvenile shenanigans that, to be perfectly frank, he should have just forgotten All you get is recol...

  6. says:

    Much of the criticism of John Updike s work could be leveled at Infante Writing as a wanker wanking, no plot, what else Oh, he comes off as a jerk, hes sexist, self absorbed hah, well my response to critics of both Updike and Infante is that both writers could be all those things, suffer all of those faults I ve never been acquainted with either but they re still both great writers I don t read to judge morality I read to be entertained and learn about the human condition Playing it safe and hitting me on the head with morality turns me off.One pointer I d give to a future reader, especially those of you who know you are squeamish, easily offended, or tire easily is to read the postscript...

  7. says:

    Tribulaciones de un Don Juan en La Habana precastrista Tengo la sensaci n de tiempo perdido.

  8. says:

    Aliteraci n d cese de la figura literaria consistente en la armoniosa repetici n de sonidos que con Cabrera Infante alcanza su m xima y mejor expresi n

  9. says:

    The Ulysses of Havana A must read You feel like you re there Literary realism Tyson

  10. says:

    El autor destroza con destreza los t picos del tr pico En resumen es un hombre con hambre de hembras y as todo Aventuras amatorias del autor en la Habana pre crastista Una literatura dif cil por lo densa, pr cticamente sin di logos, plagada de juegos de palabras, paronomasias, aliteraciones y dem s El autor nos cuenta sus av...

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