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[KINDLE] ✽ Is This Any Way to Run a Jury? By Godfrey Davidsburg Lehman –

Is This Any Way to Run a Jury?It S Not Always Easy To Get Before A Jury, And Only A Small Percentage Of All Trials Do Reach Juries, But Those That Do Are Influential The Jury Has An Immediate Impact When The Jury Acts, The Government Complies At Once Deciding The Facts In A Dispute Is Important Of Course, Because That S Ostensibly What S Asked Of Them But While Deciding The Facts, The Jury Must Really Decide If The Law Or Laws Involved Make Good Public Policy Which Means The Jury Is Free To Ignore The Written Law As If It Did Not Exist In Other Words, To Nullify It.This Is Based On The Doctrine That The People In The American Republic The Constitution Does Not Use The Word Democracy Are Sovereigns And All Power Is Inherent In The People All Power The Jury Is Composed Of A Representative Group Of Equal Sovereigns Intended To Be Large Enough To Be Diverse, But Small Enough To Be Operable, And As Sovereigns, They Retain, Inherently, All Power.Jurors Rarely Know This, Which Permits Judges To Turn Them Into Pawns Judges Like It When Jurors Are Docile It May Look Like A Jury, But It Doesn T Smell Like A Jury, It Doesn T Talk Like A Jury, So It S Not A Jury At All But If The Panel Is Able To Rise Up And Act On Conscience In The Face Of Bad Laws, It Turns Itself Into A Jury, And Forces The Government To Hang Its Head.But To Declare The People Sovereign Means Nothing Unless We, The People, Implement That Declaration.Thus I Dedicate This Book To Freedom And To You In Your Role As Juror And Guarantor Of Freedom.

[KINDLE] ✽ Is This Any Way to Run a Jury? By Godfrey Davidsburg Lehman –
  • Paperback
  • 294 pages
  • Is This Any Way to Run a Jury?
  • Godfrey Davidsburg Lehman
  • English
  • 06 September 2018
  • 9781930916531

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