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➾ The Dead and the Not So Dead (Fantastic Horror Book 2) Download ➹ Author Dave Fragments –

The Dead and the Not So Dead (Fantastic Horror Book 2) The Dead And The Not So Dead Is A Collection Of Short Stories And Poems Where Death Is Trivial Eleven New Authors Explain What It Means To Be Dead And Not So Dead.My Queen By John Di RosaA Poem Of Longing For A Dearly Departed QueenOut By George PastoreStrange, Monica Went Into Her Closet Today A Frumpy, Tired Housewife But When Monica Comes Out She Will Be All Brand New And Horrifically Dead Fifty Seventh Floor By Philip RobertsSomething Half Alive And Unknown Survives On The 57th Floor And Thomas, Caregiver And Lifetaker Of Those On The 56th Floor Doesn T Know What It Is Or Why It Exists But He S Going To Meet It And Embrace It The Southern Terror By Jack FaberA Solitary Survivor Wanders Down From The North To Find Survivors Of The Disease That Turned The Living Into Animate Death In A World Bereft Of Even The Tiniest Signs Of Human Life, He Finds What Might Be The Nails In Civilization S Coldest And Loneliest Coffin Shadows Of The Dead By Richard ElineBeware Of The Imperfect The Dead Do Not Like The Imperfect A Photographer Has His Regrets About The One Picture That Isn T Perfect Doctoring Folklore By Matt AthanasiouThe Tribes Have Their Legends To Save Their Sick Bodies But What Happens When A Doctor Tries To Change Their Minds How Does He Change A Legend Sir Marty By Paul Patrick BlackOnce Again, It Is The White Knight Against The Black Knight And Although They Meet On The Field, Just Where Is That Field Is It Perhaps In The Kingdom Of The Mind The First Vampire S Curse By Dave FragmentsA Young Policeman Discovers Vampires Running Drugs And In Order To Stop Them, He Must Embrace The First Vampire S Curse To Become The Chief Of All Organized Crime In A Steampunk Like City.Die By Chris StevensWhat Happens If The Dead Do Not Die But Remain Alive To Confront The Living, To Take Revenge On Those Responsible For Their Condition Don T Ask You Might Not Like The Answer The Mindless By Edmund SideriusThe Kingdom Of Ignace Lives By Killing Zombies And Protecting Its Warriors With A Drug That Prevents The Disease From Infecting Their Bodies But No Kingdom Lasts Forever And Ignace, One Day Will Fall To The Sin Of Arrogance, The Lust For Power, And The Need To Be Free Once Again The Prejudice Of War By Eric StylesA Search And Destroy Mission In Vietnam That Embraces War In All Of Its Glory Ambush, Killing, And Yes, Zombies The Dead Do Walk The Earth At Night.

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