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[KINDLE] ❅ Saint Valentine By Robert Sabuda –

Saint ValentineHow Did Valentine S Day, One Of Our Most Popular Holidays, Begin It Started In Ancient Rome When A Kind Physician Named Valentine Took An Interest In A Young Blind Girl With His Healing Skill And His Deep Faith He Restored Her Sight What We Now Call Valentine S Day Began When He Sent The Little Girl A Secret Message, Which She Received After The Christian Martyr Was Executed For This Tale Rich In Sentiment, Master Illustrator Robert Sabuda Has Created Exquisite Paper Mosaics To Suggest Early Christian Art That Resonates With Both Subtlety And Power.

[KINDLE] ❅ Saint Valentine By Robert Sabuda –
  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • Saint Valentine
  • Robert Sabuda
  • English
  • 14 June 2019
  • 9780689824296

    10 thoughts on “[KINDLE] ❅ Saint Valentine By Robert Sabuda –

  1. says:

    If you are looking to tell the complete story of ST Valentine to your children this book will be one beautifully illustrated disappointment, unless you are looking for a low risk version To its credit, the mosaic inspired illustrations are very apropos AND its NOT inaccurate It does show the generosity and intelligence of that Roman doctor Its just not complete In this version, St Valentine is not married or in love with anyone himself So it is correct than other books The story just stops short of explaining that St Valentine was executed for performing weddings of soldiers against the King s orders I don t understand why anyone would write a book leaving out the central thing that St Valentine was known for. I don t know why particular book sellers praise it so much, except they haven t read it or know the story If the adult or child is interested, it could be followed up with a history book about how St.Valentine was actually acting to counteract what he saw as the abu...

  2. says:

    A brief story about Saint Valentine that focuses only on his friendship with the jailer s daughter.Ages 5 9 Like my reviews I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down of everything in the book, so you ll know just how clean...

  3. says:

    I liked learning about Saint Valentine and Valentines Day.

  4. says:

    I like to read this book on Valentine s Day alongside Cheryl Odden s The Story of Saint Valentine The two authors take COMPLETELY different approaches to the life of Valentinus, and I think it helps kids understand both historical fiction and the discipline of the study of history.Odden s approach is so fact based as to be a bit wooden, Sabuda s characters are fleshed out Odden gives an introductionary overview of what we know for certain and what we suspect about Valentinus, Sabuda has brief notes at the end on the history that ties in with his text but doesn t get into the mysteries created by lost historical record on Valentinus The illustrations for Odden s book are colorful, but somehow bland Sabuda s captivating mosaics are far interesting, and give children a visual experience of an art form common in Valentinus time Each book has strengths and weaknesses, but I think discussing them together brings the brilliance out of both.More on Valentine s ...

  5. says:

    Summary The life of St Valentine The fact that it is legend is not made clear.Why I Read This With Valentine s day approaching, I wanted to read it.Review I didn t love it because while it told a good story, it didn t make it clear that the story was legend and that not much is known about St Valentine Even in the postscript about St Valentine, he doesn t mention that it is legend The story and postscript are different from what I ve heard about St V...

  6. says:

    Illustrations look like Roman Mosaic tiles St Valentine was a doctor and a priest imprisoned for being a Christian His patient, the daughter of a Roman jailor, was miraculously healed of her blindness upon opening his note containing a yellow crocus.

  7. says:

    AR 5.4

  8. says:

    This is a wonderful book for middle grades that tells the true story of St Valentine It is well written and led to great discussion about religious persecution I didn t love the mosaic illustrations, but they are an interesting talking point.

  9. says:

    This is a beautifully illustrated children s book about Saint Valentine and the girl he prayed to heal.Great book

  10. says:

    I was just handed this attractive story about Saint Valentine by a 3rd 4th grade teacher who is using it in her classroom as part of her Valentine s Day activities I m the librarian at a public elementary school, so I read through it quickly with great delight Since we don t have it in our collection, it is one I hope we can acquire before Valentine s Day next year While this story is about a saint of the Christian faith, the religious aspect of the story is toned down and not preachy While Valentine s faith, and his role as a priest, are woven into the story, the text emphasizes his role as a physician and his relationship with the blind daughter of a Roman jailer who seeks healing The Notes on the text at the end of the book explain Valentine s connection with the celebration of love.The warm colored mosaics, with their icon like appearance, are a fitting complement to the text This book is visually appealing, and both the size of text and word c...

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