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!!> Reading ➵ Reformed Dogmatics ➭ Author Geerhardus Vos –

Reformed Dogmatics Until Recently, Reformed Dogmatics Was Only Available In Its Original Dutch But Now You Too Can Access Geerhardus Vos Monumental Work Of Systematic Theology This Brand New English Translation Was Edited By Biblical Theologian And Vos Expert, Richard B Gaffin, Jr.In Volume One, Theology Proper, Vos Discusses The Doctrine Of GodThe TrinityGod S ActsCreationPredestinationProvidenceAnd

!!> Reading ➵ Reformed Dogmatics  ➭ Author Geerhardus Vos –
  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • Reformed Dogmatics
  • Geerhardus Vos
  • 20 October 2019
  • 9781577995838

    10 thoughts on “!!> Reading ➵ Reformed Dogmatics ➭ Author Geerhardus Vos –

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    Quite good

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    A challenging book I am currently working through is Reformed Dogmatics Volume One Theology Proper by Gerhardus Vos This volume, along with the remaining four volumes of the set, was only recently translated and published by Lexham Press.Gerhardus Vos is a big name in the history and pursuit of Reformed theology He is Dutch For reasons that continue to amaze me, the tiny and largely below sea level nation known as the Netherlands has produced a larger than expected number major thinkers in this world One might throw out names like the philosopher Baruch Spinoza or the physicist Niels Bohr, but most of my interest has been focused on the theological minds that have emerged out of Dutch history These theological thinkers which describes a broader swath than just saying theologians include historian Groen van Prinsterer, political and theological leader Abraham Kuyper, theologians Herman Bavinck and G K Berkouwer, and Christian philosophers Herman Dooyeweerd and D H Th Vollenhoven, and art critic H R Rookmaaker.The flowering of Dutch Calvinism spread to the New World as well Bands of Dutch Calvinists came to this country at various times Many maintained deep connections to their Dutch culture, language, and religion Louis Berkof was a major Dutch theologians whose books are still devoured by eager Calvinists So are the works of Cornelius Van Til, ...

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    An oft laconic ensample of perspicuity, terseness, and incisive logic modelled on the old summae in form, but with modern content Easy to read and well formatted, this straightforward text doesn t mince words, nor is it watered down to contemporary tastes.Weak on method and lacking prolegomena, this short and to the point century old text covers ground in ten pages and with less ten thousand dollar words than any modern text I am familiar with does in fifty.However, this volume contains little to no original thought, but is an excellent summation of the tradition as handed down summations which are rare today Little prior knowledge necessary an excellent introductory text sure to raise the level of discourse in the academy if widely adopted A worthy successor to the role played in medieval universities by Aquinas ST a solid foundation in...

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    Truly a delight to read The format of questions and outlined answers was organized and easy to read Vos has full command of his subject the chapter on Predestination was enlightening as was the one on the Trinity.

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    The question answer format is great when referencing certain sections but took some getting used to when reading cover to cover.

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    A great volume for what it is a short, and pithy explanation of Theology Proper Lacking a Prolegomena, this work is still great because of Vos ability to be clear as compared to later Vos , and very helpful While this ...

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    RD Volume 1 is a head spinning work covering the doctrines of God, The Trinity, predestination, creation, and providence The question answer format is helpful and enables easy start stop reading The indexes ensure the volume will be a useful resource on any bookshelf Highly recommended.

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    Fantastic It was relatively short and terse and yet Vos reflects his learned ability to say potent things very concisely Highly recommend for anyone who is new to Reformed Theology.

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