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Reading ➷ Powers, Vol. 1 Author Brian Michael Bendis –

Powers, Vol. 1 Just In Time For The Debut Of The Long Awaited POWERS TV Show The Eisner Award Winning POWERS Tells The Story Of Homicide Detectives Christian Walker And Deena Pilgrim, Who Are Assigned Cases Specifically Involving Powers If A Superhero Falls Dead From The Sky Or A Super Villain Is Found Dead In The Gutter, It S Up To Walker And Pilgrim To Solve The Case But Having Barely Survived The Most Harrowing Case Of Their Careers And Discovering Government Corruption Of The Highest Level, Walker And Pilgrim Are Now Faced With The Most Difficult Decision They Ve Ever Had To Make Plus The Discovery Of A Power No One Has Ever Seen Before COLLECTING Powers 2015 1 6

Reading ➷ Powers, Vol. 1  Author Brian Michael Bendis –
  • Hardcover
  • 200 pages
  • Powers, Vol. 1
  • Brian Michael Bendis
  • English
  • 24 June 2019
  • 9780785197454

    10 thoughts on “Reading ➷ Powers, Vol. 1 Author Brian Michael Bendis –

  1. says:

    Snark Hard edged cops, sarcastic villains, salty citizenry Banter A good damned mystery An off relationship between two cops Looming threats by people we don t know how bad they can get This sounds like nearly every Powers book that came before, and yet is still just as readable a...

  2. says:

    Yeah, once I picked it up, I couldn t put it down When last we saw, Deena Pilgrim and Christian Walker had broken a major scandal in the Powers division of the FBI, but Walker had had his powers taken and was left near death Now, Walker has left the force and drinks to fo...

  3. says:

    At first I didn t give this a second glance when I saw it because I thought it was merely a repackaged collection of the original Powers book, because the cover is so similar to the original Turns out it s a continuation of the story Who knew So Deena Pilgrim and Enki Sunrise are back on the force, working powers cases, while Christian Walker is drowning his sorrows at strip clubs Suddenly there are a bunch of new powers on the scene hence the title , and Pilgrim and Sunrise are trying to get to the bottom of it.I definitely got the sense Bendis was using the Pixar movie The Incredibles as his inspiration there s even a nearly identical scene between a mysterious woman and Walker that echoes the recruitment scene between Mirage and Mr Incredible, except that it takes place in a strip club but because this is Powers, the whole thing is seedy and sordid and blood drenched...

  4. says:

    Pilgrim and Sunrise are back with the city PD, Walker is not on the force and not in a good place, and there s an unexplained epidemic of new superpowers which has just resulted in a yachtful of dead rich people In many respects, from the shadows to the snarky dialogue, this is classic Powers But the problem with that is, I don t know how we got here from the previous volume At least, I assume it was the previous volume, because as if to prove that it s not just corporate properties which think renumbering is the way to be accessible this resolutely insists it s Volume 1 and offers no hint to the reading order of a series that s in fact been running for the best part of 20 years Did I miss some issues after the second volume of Powers Bureau, or has there just been a time jump Because either way, there s no explanation here of how the protagonists dealt with the enormous conspiracy they unco...

  5. says:

    Just the 8 issues and incomplete as of July 2019..A massacre of humans by an unknown Power in a world where nre Powers seem to be appearing everyday sees Sunrise and Pilgrim on the case This first arc is pretty cool with all three main character beginning to act out on the trau...

  6. says:

    Wow I thought Tarantino used a lot of F words. This was an entertaining book, a lot like the earlier Power series, but something was different, maybe the quality of the trade or the art or maybe Bendis was trying too hard, someth...

  7. says:

    I did not realize that I had missed Powers But I had This was fun again Not perfect but really good fun Looking forward for the next one.

  8. says:

    Pretty average stuff for the Powers series Rich guys Smart guys Bad guys Hard headed cops Strip clubs with ex powers sulking about The usual.

  9. says:

    Very much a set up volume in which Bendis and Oeming get the band back together, but it s still a strong story, and the old magic is there.

  10. says:

    Following Detective Pilgrim and also has Walker in a really good mystery involving new powers Bendis is great at writing dialogue when people are mouthy.

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