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[Reading] ➬ Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo (Leven Thumps, #1) ➳ Obert Skye –

Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo (Leven Thumps, #1)WELCOME TO FOO.Fourteen Year Old Leven Thumps A.k.a Lev Lives A Wretched Life In Burnt Culvert, Oklahoma But His Life Is About To Change And His Destiny Be Fulfilled As He Learns About A Secret Gateway That Bridges Two Worlds The Real World And Foo, A Place Created At The Beginning Of Time In The Folds Of The Mind That Makes It Possible For Mankind To Dream And Hope, Aspire And Imagine But Foo Is In Chaos, And Three Transplants From That Dreamworld Have Been Sent To Retrieve Lev, Who Alone Has The Power To Save Foo.Enter Clover, A Wisecracking, Foot High Sidekick Winter, A Girl With A Special Power Of Her Own And Geth, The Rightful Heir To Foo Their Mission To Convince Lev That He Has The Power To Save Foo Can This Unique Band Of Travelers Help Lev Overcome His Doubt Will Lev Find The Gateway In Time Or Will Sabine And His Dark Shadows Find The Gateway First And Destroy Mankind

[Reading] ➬ Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo (Leven Thumps, #1) ➳ Obert Skye –
  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo (Leven Thumps, #1)
  • Obert Skye
  • 08 August 2019
  • 9781416928065

    10 thoughts on “[Reading] ➬ Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo (Leven Thumps, #1) ➳ Obert Skye –

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    Harry Potter envy That about sums up this book to me It felt too much like Obert Skye tried too hard to create something with the same witt and mass appeal that the Potter series has It made me feel like he wrote the book, not because it came from him, but because he saw an opportunity to write in a genre that was enjoying successes His book felt too one dimensional All adults where bumbling idiots that would have lead humanity to death thousands of years ago for example It would have helped to have even one adult who could be a friend and mentor to the character Instead it felt like Skye tried to take the humor of the Durseleys and shove it at you with every authority figure in the book.It also just felt like everything in his magic was contrived, like he just decided oh this would be fun let s do that with no throught for consistency etc It perfectly demonstrated the points Sanderson writes about with ...

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    A very good, easy read I loved the characters and the general silliness of the book A sort of simple writing style by Skye, but I like simple sometimes like in this case Obviously meant for a younger crowd, the book should be enjoyable to anyone up until the ea...

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    Ordinary orphan Leven Thumps discovers a small furry sycophant who tells him that he is the only one who can save the dreamland named Foo This boy from Oklahoma, can even manipulate the future Also with the help of Winter, a nit, and Geth a talking toothpick, he must make it to the gateway to Foo before the evil Sabine does Obert Skye tells an original story with humor and tells of why we can dream.Almost like all books, this book does have some minor problems of it s own Skye only merely tells of things rather than to explain in depth For example, Skye tells of what Sabine can do, but that has nothing do with what he looks like So in loss of a description the book never is extremely exciting Also there is a part about how a clap can make the shadows leave This part makes you chuckle, but it s seems like Skye couldn t come up with a way for Leven and his friends to escape So he chooses the easiest idea he could come up with.Although Skye has some not so clever escapes there are also some amusing escapes For instance, when they run out of ground, Winter just uses her powers and makes water turn to ice, so that they can go on with their journey to Germany With original ideas in mind, we find out about food You take a simple pie and make it apologize for its own flavor and promise to taste better next time and it becomes a new idea This story s pacing is excellent You learn of all the details everything a series book should start out ...

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    Actually this was pretty weak I shouldn t have been surprised considering the strange title and the author s rather odd pseudonym I had avoided reading this for so long based solely on these blemishes Eventually I got around to it but I must say, based on its level of popularity, I was expecting a little from this book.Aside from the cheesy chapter puns on oldies music songs or colloquial proverbs and idioms there were some really awkward parts in this book.The plot has very little rising action Much of the misadventures along the way teach the reader almost nothing about the enemy, the protagonists, or the mission They seemed be comic filler to stretch a novella of about 100 pages into a novel of about 250 pages.At the end of the novel I barely knew the main character better than I did in the beginning, and the same can be said of the supporting characters.Finally, and this is perhaps the worst part, in the climactic confrontation in the e...

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    I have mixed feelings about this book and the series in general I ll start with the plot This story line is so good An alternate world that controls the dreams of man kind is in danger and it is up to the grandson of the creator of the gateway to this place to save it That would be it in a really small nutshell It is very good, full of great twists when you don t expect them, great humor, and very good for all ages So now you thinking, if he likes it that much, why did he give it three stars Because of two reasons One, it is too similar to Harry Potter Two, it is very poorly written There are way too many similarities between the main character and Harry Potter To name a few, Leven, the main character of the book in question, has a strange marking that distinguishes him, a white streak through his other wise black hair just as Harry has a lightning shaped scar that distinguishes him Lev...

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    This is another of a recent batch of young adult novels set in Oklahoma It s about a boy who can access the gateway between the human world and the world of the human imagination and who must close that gateway before the evil dude from Foo world of imagination gets through to reality and destroys everything The cast of characters is interesting a sycophant, a girl who can freeze anything by thinking about it, a toothpick, shadows and the rules that govern foo are also interesting The story is kind of philosophical...

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    Recommended to me by a former senior student who said these books were better than Harry Potter and his favorite books in the world, I had to get them I listened to most of the book on C.D., then finished it in book form because I wanted to see What happens next I found it very engaging Skye has an enjoyable wit, great ideas, and a very cool concept The idea is that there is reality the place in which we live and Foo, the land of dreams which is also possible to be sucked into, given the right atmospheric conditions and physical location However, Leven Thumps is the boy who must save Foo because he is the direct descendent of the man who created a gateway between Foo and Reality, and the evil residents of Foo want to come in to reality Similarly to the epic Harry Potter series, Leven is raised by his aunt and her husband who will never claim him as a relation And when he is 14, he finds himself drawn in to the search for the Gateway to Foo hence the title of the novel I found it entertaining with some similarities to the HP series, but perhaps also geared for a younger audience So fantasy, reality, mystery for Leven , and a quest to save Foo otherwise reality will collapse upon itself it s enjoyable and a quick read Witty, humorous, and good to see characters expected to figure things out without the flick of a magic wand, as it were Would I say it s better than Harry Potter No, I don t think so but it is definitely much different than HP So...

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    The book is about an orphan with some special characteristic that makes him able to occasionally see and manipulate the future He, of course, is the hero of the book, as any orphan with magical powers must inevitably be So the premise of the book is immediately weak overused literary theme.And the writing is frankly disappointing It s rather awkward Not quite as bad as Eragon, but bad enough that I decided not to finish the book For me, that s pretty bad The editing was poor, too, which is never an encouraging sign Anytime you see obvious misspellings, you know that the editor either 1 was so bored with the book that they couldn t pay attention, 2 was out of their depth due to technical complexity several of my college textbooks , or 3 didn t actually expect much of anything from the book.That this book is apparently so popular among the young adult male population is a tribute to something, but I can t think what it is Desperate need to be special, like a mis...

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    Leven Thumps is a story about a boy named Leven and he has to stop Sabine from detroying Foo The main characters are Winter and Leven and they both have to stop Sabine In my opinion the best part was when Winter and Leven was in the snakes mouth going underground.Foo is the place where the dreams were made and if Foo falls there will be no hope The story takes place in two places, one is Foo and the other is in reality I think Sabine makes the story interesting because he makes the bad things happen like the allands attacked Winter and Leven while Leven was sleeping Winter and Leven to me were going to become boyfriend and girlfriend and they are really good friends Winter and Leven thought that they were worthless until they found out that they had powers and broke free I have several favorite parts of the story and one of them is when Leven was being bul...

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    Oh, man This book was pretty terrible And I read it all the way to the end on the off chance that it would stop being terrible, but the terribleness continued This book has extremely poor character development, a plot that moves awkwardly than a teenager learning to drive a stick shift, and is riddled with inconsistencies Also, it just tried way too hard to be cool and failed utterly.So first, the characters The main character, of course, is Leven Thumps Everything interesting about him begins and ends with his name He s an orphan adopted by a distant relative who cares nothing for him and he lives a life of slight deprivation and no love sound familiar He has a small patch of white in his hair which is never properly explained and serves no function at all the book For the whole of his fourteen years of life, he has been completely average and unexceptional until, during a bullying incident, he discovers he can call down thunder Just by thinking about it And then later, it is discovered that he can manipulate people by looking into the future and making them decide to give him money, food, or whatever else he happens...

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