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[Ebook] Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison By Piper Kerman –

Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women's PrisonNOW A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIESWith A Career, A Boyfriend, And A Loving Family, Piper Kerman Barely Resembles The Reckless Young Woman Who Delivered A Suitcase Of Drug Money Ten Years Ago But That Past Has Caught Up With Her Convicted And Sentenced To Fifteen Months At The Infamous Federal Correctional Facility In Danbury, Connecticut, The Well Heeled Smith College Alumna Is Now Inmate 11187 424 One Of The Millions Of Women Who Disappear Down The Rabbit Hole Of The American Penal System From Her First Strip Search To Her Final Release, Kerman Learns To Navigate This Strange World With Its Strictly Enforced Codes Of Behavior And Arbitrary Rules, Where The Uneasy Relationship Between Prisoner And Jailer Is Constantly And Unpredictably Recalibrated She Meets Women From All Walks Of Life, Who Surprise Her With Small Tokens Of Generosity, Hard Words Of Wisdom, And Simple Acts Of Acceptance Heartbreaking, Hilarious, And At Times Enraging, Kerman S Story Offers A Rare Look Into The Lives Of Women In Prison Why It Is We Lock So Many Away And What Happens To Them When They Re There.Look For Special Features Inside Join The Random House Reader S Circle For Author Chats And.

[Ebook] Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison By Piper Kerman –
  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison
  • Piper Kerman
  • English
  • 27 January 2019
  • 9780812986181

    10 thoughts on “[Ebook] Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison By Piper Kerman –

  1. says:

    Spoiler alert as to the ending of the book Read at your own risk I m biased because Piper is my wife, and I m in this book But I still think it s am amazing journey story I m pretty sure if I didn t know Piper I would be spreading the word o...

  2. says:

    Allow me to summarize So, I am a privileged, white girl who was lost and confused I made some mistakes, including becoming involved with an international drug ring Oopsie However, by the grace of my own incredible will, I got out, met a nice boy, and became a productive citizen Then boom Somebody snitched, and the government baddies came and put me in prison But I was stoic My heavens, was I ever I accepted my fate and the consequences for my actions And I was also pretty special Despite my whiteness, all the brown and black folks loved me because ...

  3. says:

    What a shocker A well educated, upper class white woman goes to prison and builds strong bonds with her fellow inmates, who are mostly undereducated women of color from the wrong side of the tracks I liked the book and I liked her I did But it irritates me that she seems to be marketing the book as this revealing story about how we re all just human after all I didn t find her writing condescending of the other women I found her to be non judgmental and a truly good friend to everyone worthy of her friendship She suffers the indignities of prison with a straightforward kind of courage She takes pride in the friendships she builds, in the work she does in prison and when opportunities arise for her because of her blonde hair and tight ass opportunities that would endear her to the prison staff yet distance her from her fellow inmates she politely turns them down So what s my problem Well, maybe this is unfair of me, but here goes It still feels too self congratulatory, too arrogant And WAY too self serving While these friendships were meaningful to her in prison, I highly doubt she maintains them She doesn t cop to the fact that the prison is a bubble, ...

  4. says:

    Two hundred women, no phones, no washing machines, no hair dryers it was like Lord of the Flies on estrogen. Soooo.Piper Kerman screwed up She fell in love One thing led to another and the next thing she knew, she traveled the world as an international drug traffickers Whoops Ten years later, that drug ring was busted and her name was brought to attention.So, it would be fair to say she screwed up colossally.Despite the offence being a decade old, the current law forces all those who are involved with drugs are pursued to the fullest extent of the law And so she goes to prison for fifteen months, with her family and fiance waving sadly from the sidelines Note fiance isn t the one who got her into trafficking I knew that I would have to be brave Not foolhardy, not in love with risk and danger, not making ridiculous exhibitions of myself to prove that I wasn t terrified really genuinely brave But while in prison, Piper learns lessons of bravery, love and sacrifice She gains a whole new perspective on life, and one she is not soon to forget Not bad There were many areas I really enjoyed about this one though this book did have a bit of a Mary Sue ness to Piper Her innocence and goodness is over emphasized and her drug involvement glossed over She does make herself out to be the end all be all hero but it was not nearly as bad as Wild However, she does own up to her mistakes and the zany,...

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    After a very hearty recommendation from several people I trust, I started watching the Netflix original TV show Orange is The New Black While it can be a little disjointed and awkward in parts, it has its charm The characters are memorable and the story lines are very compelling While I haven t had time to marathon the series in its entirety, I thought to check out Piper Kerman s candid memoir of her life in prison, where she was incarcerated for a drug trafficking charge almost a decade after committing the crime.So, how does Kerman s biography stand up to the TV show Well There s certainly enough material to adapt, considering Kerman was a fish completely out of water when put into the prison scene, and tensions and drama are definitely going to crop up in a prison A little like high school, there are popular people whom you need to earn the approval of, there are authority figures who are either completely out of touch with your day to day life, or otherwise completely corrupt there are inmates who you might need to avoid, et cetera.What I m most disappointed in with Orange is the New Black is how it handles what the prison system does to its female inmates, and how different it is to the experience of a male pris...

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    I really wanted to give this a better review, because I love it on Netflix.Maybe I would have liked it better if I hadn t seen the show first.Basically, I felt like this story lacked depth, was repetitive and quite often felt phoney I was annoyed by the constant reminders that Piper s blue eyes and blonde hair made her life pretty easy, and that her inclusion with the popular crowd aka Pop s friends got her lots of perks Characters were underdeveloped and there was no real flow Oh, and don t get me started on unrealistic dialogue.I feel like this review is of an endorsement for the show than anything What Netflix has done is take a very mediocre framework and build something utterly fantastic on ...

  7. says:

    So, I read the reviews and people in the dislike camp are right It s a memoir, so it s about her experience The author s well off and a WASP and she had it relatively easy in prison what with all the letters, books and visits she received from family and friends There are no major conclusions about the sociology of her experience nor are there calls to action on ways for people to address any of the many things prison does not do for society But I repeat, it is a memoir What we get is a look at what prison did to a healthy, sane woman, written in a clear, grammatically correct and engaging, storytelling style We get the psychological journey and it is enough to make me never want to go to jail, because even though she exited unscathed when compared to other prisoners, she still had a horrid experience It is up to the reader to flex those mental muscles, to practice a little empathy and draw the connections to the question of what if Piper were one of the other ones For example, the author describes the experience of exiting the prison system The lack of communication of what she could expect, the return to society training she was required to take, the description of having to give away all her things and leave dressed in one set of clothes that weren t even hers, with nothing in her pocket but the 28.50 she d earned in prison work She was crazed, became paranoid and scared because she was being released in a city thousands of miles from her fam...

  8. says:

    I totally picked up this book because I love the show on Netflix and wanted to read about the real deal This is one of my favorite shows and it s funny because I could pick out some of the real people in the book that are in the show Obviously the real names are not given Piper talks about the stupid, stupid drug stuff she got into with Nora I mean moving drugs and money for a drug lord, come on And then 10 years later, she gets caught and taken to jail Just when you think you turned your life around, um, NOT And then when they tell her she is going to trial and then to prison, it takes 6 years to get to the trial I would have went nuts every day of those 6 years Piper talks about life in prison and about the friends she actually made there I really enjoyed reading about this because it make it a little nicer having friends As Nina headed down the hill to the FCI, I felt a real sense of loss She was the first real friend I had made, and I wouldn t have any contact with her at all Prison is so much about the people who are missing from your life and who fill your imagination Some of the women who had sisters or cousins down the hill in the high security prison One day while walking back to work after lunch, I glimpsed Nina through the back gate of the FCI and went crazy jumping up and down and waving She saw me and waved too The truck that patrolled the prison perimeter screeched to a halt between us Cut that shit out came sharply from the guard inside.P...

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    It s not often that I outright dislike a book, but I disliked this one Intensely With a passion I feel a little bad about that, as a good friend recommended it for our book club, but I m guessing I had a surly face when I showed up to discuss it that evening.In terms of the writing, my main gripe is that nothing happens How is that possible you ask This privileged, blonde, Smith graduate went to jail Yes This is true And I have no idea how it s possible that nothing happens, but this also is true It s like she got out of jail, realized she could sell a book about her experiences, and cobbled together some random stories to form a semblance of a book There s no real flow or direction.Even worse than the writing, though, is the fact that there s no character development Piper doesn t seem to learn from her experience or grow as a person She basically tells us over and over again how much everyone likes her in jail Oh, and she s pretty So pretty Everyone te...

  10. says:

    The details in this book were impressive, but it got tiring eventually I suppose she had to stretch out everything that happened that year into those pages.There were also a lot of women mentioned, and my head was spinning, trying to keep track of them.Although well written, the one thing I honestly didn t like about this memoir is that the author came off as a bit smug, like she was better than the other prisoners There was a Mary Sue impression I got of her, the woman who got along with everybody, the woman everybody thought of as the All American girl with blonde hair and blue eyes Unintentionally, she came off as a Saviour to her fellow inmates.Some parts of the story were frustrating her friends and family were amazing through it all Really There wasn t one person who was angry with her There wasn t one person in that network of friends who called her stupid for her stupid youthful decisions It made that part of her life so unreal that I didn t care much about reading anything involving Larry or her fa...

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