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Download ☆ His Temporary Mistress By Cathy Williams –

His Temporary Mistress Blackmailed By The Billionaire Damian Carver Is Determined To Prosecute The Woman Who Stole From His Company, And Nothing The Culprit S Sister, Violet Drew, Says Or Does Will Change His Mind But Violet S Determination Not To Mention The Tempting Curves Beneath Her Shapeless Coat Intrigue Him Enough To Allow Her To Earn Her Sister S Freedom Damian Needs A Temporary Mistress, And Once That Mouthwatering Body Is Poured Into Designer Outfits And Heels, Violet Will Fit The Bill Perfectly Only, The Coldhearted CEO Isn T Prepared For Sweet Natured Violet To Turn The Tables On His Sensuous Brand Of Blackmail.

Download ☆ His Temporary Mistress  By Cathy Williams –
  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • His Temporary Mistress
  • Cathy Williams
  • English
  • 04 February 2019
  • 9780373132126

    10 thoughts on “Download ☆ His Temporary Mistress By Cathy Williams –

  1. says:

    Had no respect for annoying heroine who defended her criminal sister and who had the gall to not like the hero because he was going to prosecute her criminal sister I tried to make it to the half point but hated the doormat heroine too much.

  2. says:

    I wasn t crazy about the charactersthough I did like Violet, the heroine s name Another blackmail plot, with alpha hero and heroine, who will do anything for her familyWow, there are some hot scenes and explicitly hot hota 69 in a Mills Boon novel okay read.

  3. says:

    Classic angsty blackmail plot love it And also, wow I think this is the first Mills Boon Modern I ve read that included a sixty nine and a ahem juiceshot to the face Brilliant

  4. says:

    The story was fine What I DID NOT LIKE was the hero ejaculating on the heroine s face No No I don t need to read about this thank you and I m darned if I can see how it adds to the romance of the story I wonder how many other romance readers find this romantic

  5. says:

    I couldn t feel the connection between this couple They constantly argued and the hero was quite grumpy and ill temper Then suddenly they declared they fell in love The end

  6. says:

    Didn t like the heroine She was a cold fish and her high and mighty attitude annoyed me When you reject someone u can t expect them to keep chasing you.

  7. says:

    I m bagging this one too Violet is too much of a tiresome goody goody

  8. says:

    Don t like the cover at all I know it is just for show but it does, to me, make a difference to how I see the characters The sister is just a spoiled brat I think Violet did what she thought she had to do No choice really or let her precious sister go to Jail Couldn t have been that bad a crime if he was willing to drop it just like that.

  9. says:

    Nombres Violet Damien.Profesiones Empresario Profesora de Artes Plasticas.Pais Londres

  10. says:

    Spoilers below It wasn t the worst book I ever read but it was far from the best I was turned off by the heroine giving a blow job the first time she has sex with the hero That s fine for some books but not for a Harlequin Presents novel Plus, I never saw the couple falling in love or even in like He blackmails her to keep her sister from prison and make his ill mother happy Neither of them were overcome with love, like, or even attraction at the beginning and for most of the book it seems He didn t like the way she dressed, didn t want her to get close to his family, didn t seem to like her at all They were basically f buddies until she called it off for no particular reason and he decided he didn t want to be alone I can t recommend this to anyone.

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