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!!> BOOKS ✻ The Daughter of Sienna ✴ Author Marina Fiorato –

The Daughter of SiennaSiena, Palio Poznata, Opasna I Te Ka Trka Konja Desetorica Jaha A, Tri Kruga Oko Trga, Godina Dana Priprema, A Sve Gotovo U Hipu Ove Godine Trka Za Dvije Ene Koje Je Gledaju Nosi Mnogo Vi E Od Uobi Ajene Nagrade Za Piju Tolomei, Najljep U Enu Siene, Ova Trka Posljednja Je Nada U Bijegu Od Nasilnog Braka Za Violantu Medici Ovo Je Po Etak Kraja Njezina Vladanja Gradom Izolirana U Svom Dvorcu, Okru Ena Izdajnicima, Ona Mora Prona I Hrabrosti Kako Bi Razotkrila Plan Koji Joj Prijeti I Ivotom Trube Se Ogla Avaju I Na Trg Dolazi Nepoznati Jaha Ono To Je Napravio Tijekom Trke Promijenit E Ne Samo Ivote Pije I Violante Ve I Ivote Svih Lanova Obitelji MediciPrepuna Boja I Bogata Povijesnim Detaljima, K I Siene Dramati Na Je Pri A O Izdaji, Hrabrosti I Snazi Ljubavi

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    I may be completely biased but no one has a handle on Italian historical fiction quite like Marina Fiorato It s the 1720 s in the Tuscan city of Siena and Pia Tolomei finds herself wed into a ruthless noble family that are part of a plot to replace a childless Medici widow But when a mysterious green eyed rider comes to town and captures the young woman s attention, it s only a matter of time before the city is threatened by war From the descriptions of the Palio a most dangerous horse race and the strong characters, I just couldn t get enough of this novel Simply a wonderful reason as to why I enjoy historical fiction.Goodreads review 11 06 19

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    3.5 5 starsThis is one of those too complicated to try to explain without giving the whole thing away kind of books, so I m making this short and sweet Pia Tolomei knows she must marry someone, but her father makes a most surprising and distasteful choice for her Betrothed 1 takes a deadly fall during Siena s famous Palio horse race and she s then promptly wed to his younger and even distasteful brother Pia soon finds herself involved in plots and intrigue swirling around Siena s nine wards Contrade , Violante de Medici Siena s ruling governor and a mysterious and oh so handsome penniless horseman Riccardo This was a quick, easy read, light on the mystery Riccardo s big secret is a bit too easy to guess , with a dollop of romance thrown in to round things out The Siena settings were gorgeous and will probably send you off to the net to go researching them all, as will the descriptions of that very famous and deadly horse race The Palio A good book for the beach or a rainy day when you re in the mood for something on the lite side, and that s how I m rating this one.Readers who had issues with the potty mouth of the female character in the author s last novel can rest easy you won t see that here.

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    Da mi je ovo bila njezina prva pro itana knjiga, nisam sigurna da bih itala dalje Drago mi je da to nije bio slu aj Pri a je u redu i ni ta vi e..

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    4.5 Stars This was a great read The story follows three residents of Siena Pia, the beautiful daughter of a wealthy family who finds herself betrothed to a monster from a rival family for the sake of a political alliance Riccardo, the poor son of a farrier who is chosen to ride for his contrada in the Palio and the duchess Violante, widow of Ferdinand de Medici and governess of Siena Though strangers when the story begins, their lives become entwined in a dangerous mission to save their city from a covert takeover by the corrupt leaders of the Nine ruling families.The city of Siena lives for its annual horse race, the Palio, and it s run twice a year, in July and August In this novel, the year is 1723, and an accident mars the first Palio, and sets in motion a tale of revenge, intrigue, duty, and love Pia and Violante both see Riccardo for the first time, and this man of honor will become very important to both of them, and to the Nine, as he becomes a pawn in their plans to take over the city I won t say much about the plot, because it is very intricate and suspenseful, and it kept me guessing right up to the end, and the second Palio that final climactic horse race had me biting my nails on the edge of my seat But it s very good Suspenseful and exciting, and it s very romantic.The city of Siena is so much a part of this story that it really comes to life I could feel the heat of the sun in a bright blue sky shining down on me and the warmth of the sun baked cobblestones, hear the roar of the crowd, smell the horses and the hay, see the influence of the arts everywhere I looked I really was transported to Siena and I enjoyed my time there The characters are great, too Pia and Riccardo are both brave and noble, suffering heroes, and though it took me a while to warm up to Violante, by the end I had new respect for her.The only complaint I have is the repeated descriptions of the Medici brothers sexual exploits I m no prude, and in fact, I like racy reads, but I got the message that they were debauched perverts the first time, I didn t need to hear about it again and again, and I thought it cheapened what was otherwise a very eloquent novel But that s it I loved everything else I ve seen mixed reviews of her other novels, but I really enjoyed this one.P.S I forgot to say that a very special horse plays an important role, and made me cry, and themes from Dante s Purgatory and Sir Thomas Malory s Le Morte d Arthur enhance the story.

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    I won this on First Reads My review is based on an advance copy.Let me begin by saying I had somewhat low expectations for this book I figured it would be just another historical fiction chick lit I m glad I was wrong Being very familiar with horses, I really enjoyed that the horse element played a large part in this book I thought the storyline was interesting and there was a small surprise at the end I finished it in a couple of days and I really enjoyed it The ending, I ll admit was a little too perfect, but, hey, who cares This was a fun read that was hard to put down.

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    The palio and romance and renaissance Italy Hotness x1000 This book made a slow and gradual trek into my heart and I totally fell in love with it.At first, it took me a bit of time to get into the writing because I m so used to the fast pace and easier to read prose of young adult books, because this author has quite the command over the English language Meaning there are a lot of words and lengthy sentence constructions that you probably would rarely see in a young adult book It s very controlled, mature, and filled with nuances.I loved how there is a recurring theme of the past affecting the present It shows up in great quantities in this story where an event that took place in the past, comes back to slap them in the face, or brings about a huge shocking twist I for one was going, Damn, son a lot of times It makes for some excellent character backstory and underlying character motivation for a lot of the actions they take Another thing that I thought was pretty nifty was how the second palio was almost a near replica of the one in the beginning, to show the progression of the plot and bring everything full circle A neat tactic, I do say.The narrative structure in this book is very interesting At the beginning of each chapter, we are given a flashback of a moment from a character s life It s sort of a foreshadowing on what s going to happen next while also giving our characters depth.The characters are all clearly defined Pia is a soft spoken woman who is constantly over shadowed by the duty and obligations that are placed on her for a person in her position and her own internal conflicts regarding her feelings and what is right Riccardo is brave, steadfast, and caught up in a whirlwind of political games that he tries to delicately straddle.Darkness is quite prevalent in here as many of the characters are cruel using violence and underhanded tactics to get what they want And then we see how clinging to an idolized memory of a person brings about terrible consequences Even the good characters have their flaws I loved the intricate details the author weaved into her story The historical time period that this place in comes alive and I can imagine the beautiful spectacle the palio makes It might help if you re familiar with the race as I am, because I love horses but it doesn t matter as the important details you need to know are all laid out clearly for you.The romance was a bit quick but unlike some of the poorer young adult novels, this is done with great skill The romance is not the forefront of the story and it doesn t take over the main plot Neither does either character spend pages upon pages moping about the other And the problems beset with their relationship are a lot complex than I can t be with you because I m bad for you No, no, no.Ah, this was a great read A steadily paced book that latched its claws deeper and deeper into me with each passing chapter.Definitely recommended for those who love historical fiction, Italy, and horses.Btw, here s a video showing the beauty and gala that is the palio

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    I thought this book could have been much better if the writer had talent I originally thought that maybe this was a translation, but after checking the title pages, it was not The author s writing style was that stilted, though I know that it was originally published in Europe, so perhaps some of the sayings and things didn t relate well to my American brain Either way, the book was extremely heavy in prose with very little dialogue, making it difficult to read It took me a very long time to get through this book, and the only thing that made me finish it was that I would have had to turn it back in to the library soon.The plot is basically about Siena in 1723 and a few of the key players that led to an almost uprising and a change in the rules of the Palio If you don t know very much about this part of Italian history, then I highly recommend that you google 1700 era Siena, contrade, and Violante de Beatrix before you read this It will make everything easier to understand Once I did that, the novel made a bit sense to me Still, it seemed that the author embellished the story line a lot as she follows Violante s attempt to stop the coup with Riccardo s help Oh, and Pia is part of the story Sort of In that she s Riccardo s lover, and she also told him about the things she overhears But other than that, I m confused about why she was in the story at all Wait I forgot Because the story parallels Morte d Arthur or whatever and also Pia of Tolomei from Dante Yawn That really got on my nerves too It seems that the author can t let the readers discover the connections for themselves Instead, she had to highlight the likenesses every time they occurred.Anyways, I was unimpressed with this book.

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    What a book I loved every second of it This is what a can call the ideal book for me It s brimming with mystery, intrigue, romance and to top it all, it is full of historical facts which made it all the interesting, since I did not know that much on eighteenth century Siena I really wish to visit someday Fiorato s diction and description makes the novel looks like a movie The book would definitely make a good movie, but that s just a thought Halfway through the book, I ordered another Marina Fiorato s book The Glassblower of Murano I ve now become an avid fan of Siena, Tuscany in general and Marina Fiorato, of course Fans of historical fiction, Italy and horses,do yourself a favour and read this one Update in 2016 I have just finished reading it for the second time I rarely read the same book twice so many books, so little time but this is certainly one of my very favourite books and I had the opportunity to visit Siena quite recently and it is breathtaking and wonderful as it is described in the novel I was super excited to see the contrade signs on the city walls and Piazza di Tolomei, Camollia Gate and of course the beautiful Il Campo and the Torre della Mangia

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    Starting out, this book felt a bit aggravating to me The women were just treated so badly and I know, I know, that s the way it was, but it was still upsetting Moving along though, the book gained momentum quickly and I found myself quite absorbed in the story and invested in the characters I especially liked Violante, though Pia and Riccardo were very likeable too The story revolves around a sort of conspiracy about Siena and its politics This is built around the Palio, the twice yearly horse race I have been to Siena, which made reading about it rather fun and I could easily imagine where the characters walked around because it still looks quite Medieval and unchanged today.All in all, I was very satisfied wit the story and also with the history I learned about, as there is a great deal of Medici involvement, which I have long found fascinating I can happily recommend this to fans of mystery and history alike.Find reviews and bookish fun at

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