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[[ KINDLE ]] ❆ Im Weltinnenraum des Kapitals Author Peter Sloterdijk –

Im Weltinnenraum des KapitalsDisplaying The Distinctive Combination Of Narration And Philosophy For Which He Is Well Known, This New Book By Peter Sloterdijk Develops A Radically New Account Of Globalization At The Beginning Of The Twenty First Century The Author Takes Seriously The Historical And Philosophical Consequences Of The Notion Of The Earth As A Globe, Arriving At The Thesis That What Is Praised Or Decried As Globalization Is Actually The End Phase In A Process That Began With The First Circumnavigation Of The Earth O And That One Can Already Discern Elements Of A New Era Beyond Globalization In The End Phase Of Globalization, The World System Completed Its Development And, As A Capitalist System, Came To Determine All Conditions Of Life Sloterdijk Takes The Crystal Palace In London, The Site Of The First World Exhibition In 1851, As The Most Expressive Metaphor For This Situation The Palace Demonstrates The Inevitable Exclusivity Of Globalization As The Construction Of A Comfort Structure O That Is, The Establishment And Expansion Of A World Interior Whose Boundaries Are Invisible, Yet Virtually Insurmountable From Without, And Which Is Inhabited By One And A Half Billion Winners Of Globalization Three Times This Number Are Left Standing Outside The Door.

[[ KINDLE ]] ❆ Im Weltinnenraum des Kapitals Author Peter Sloterdijk –
  • Paperback
  • 308 pages
  • Im Weltinnenraum des Kapitals
  • Peter Sloterdijk
  • English
  • 01 March 2018
  • 9780745647692

    10 thoughts on “[[ KINDLE ]] ❆ Im Weltinnenraum des Kapitals Author Peter Sloterdijk –

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    Da textura penetr vel que a anal tica do contempor neo, sobram textos deficientes em formula es certeiras Com a palavra certeiras reporta se mais plausibilidade de um desdobramento umbilicalmente comprometido do que pertin ncia esse logro que qualifica as obras debaixo do v u do interesse Mais do que uma incurs o filos fica pela emparelhamento compara o da met fora do pal cio de cristal de Dostoi vski e o estar no mundo como deslumbramento benjaminiano, ponho de parte a leitura que Sloterdijk faz da ascens o da tica da responsabilidade uma ilus o moral do utilizador Por muito inocente que seja este meu empreendimento de qualifica o dos tempos, gosto de enredar no meu trapo de pensamentos alheios alguns fragmentos vivos C fica essa caracteriza o da responsabilidade como instrumento com dimens o ntica O conceito de responsabilidade lisonjeia assim todos os que gostariam de acreditar que, apesar da evidente nulidade dos indiv duos na maior parte dos assuntos, tudo depende, apesar de tudo, sempre e em todos os casos dos seus pr prios gestos e feitos ao mesmo tempo, ajuda os in meros frustrados pelo andamento das coisas a exigir que se responsabilizem os irrespons veis p 202 este acoplamento simulacral da exist ncia no Outro que se me afigura como sintoma contempor neo Perante o derrubamento estrutural, o trabalho de permanente comprometimento face alteridade que pulula no imagin rio colectivo tra...

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    many philosophers or historians, I don t know what you d call peter I have no context for who peter is I picked this up because my ethics professor was reading this book , are very much obsessed with the anecdote ira glass of this american life says that the best way to tell non fiction is by stringing together anecdotes peter refuses to do this, infact this book is the antithesis of that world view nothing is small in this book.I thought he reminded me a lot of marx for this reason and not because he talks of capital he s worried about the big ...

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    En su obra En el mundo interior del capital , Peter Sloterdijk demuestra c mo, en la globalizaci n actual, el sistema mundial complet su desarrollo y, en cuanto que sistema capitalista, acab determinando todas las condiciones de vida.Lo que Sloterdijk se al correctamente es que la globalizaci n capitalista no representa tan s lo apertura y conquista, sino tambi n...

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    It s hard to do justice to this book in a short review The briefest summary that I can think of is that it s an account of how the spherical world became merchant shipping became capitalism became a Benjamin like bourgeois interior with the Crystal Palace as its exemplar became the modern divided first and third world That sort of does it, but not really The opening section advances the idea that it s going to present a metanarrative noting that the resistance to metanarratives has itself become one and the book itself certainly provides this I found the earlier eighteenth century chapters on the world s oceanic construction to be most useful I found the nineteenth century account of the Crystal Palace paradigm intriguing, if not maybe vastly different than Benjamin s account of bourgeois interiors in the Arcades Project, despite the fact that it claims to be I found the twentieth century anti American stuff to be a bit rote not without insight, but also not too much you wouldn t expect if I said the contemporary European left s critique of American, you know, everything If only briefly, this book gives one of the most theoretically astute accounts of piracy I ve read it obviously had me at buccaneering And the American contemporary section is not without insight, particularly with regard to the importance of chosen ness to the narrative of people who emigrate to America I certainly saw a bit of myself ...

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    This is one of the best books I have read so far this year I knew this by the time I had finished part 1 of the book It is erudite, funny, and its content is indispensable for considering the longer history of globalization Me...

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    Not good note all typos in these quotes are not mine, direct copy from ebook It constitutes a geographical philosophical bastard whose logical and physical peculiarities are not so simple to comprehend On the one hand, the printed blue orb with the savannah coloured patches initially seems no than one thing among many things, a small body among many bodies, that states men and schoolchildren set in rotation with a single hand movement the printed blue orb with the savannah coloured patches Every page is like this.I ll try to be fair to this book since I only read about 10 pages The author mercifully defines his argument early and doesn t try to hide his motivations He thinks grand narratives about history have failed and everyone, even the lowly gallery owner , knows this truth More specifically he thinks laypeople now understand that there is no such thing as a grand narrative which grants humanity access to the engine room of world history or even the administrative floor of the tower of babel Immediately after coming to these reasonable conclusions he writes The wretchedness of the conventional forms of grand narrative by no means lies in the fact that they were too great, but that they were not great enough At this point you re probably asking yourself, is that really the problem with grand narratives That they re not great enough The author then throws his entire lot behind that argument Is this n...

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    Sloterdijk propose ici un d cryptage holistique de l tre au monde mondialis Comme souvent chez l auteur allemand, la densit ontologique requiert des temps d arr t l espacement des moments d impr gnation para t indispensable au risque d une surchauffe du d codeurIl s agit de r pondre la question suivante comment a t on pu en arriver aux situations de l ge global Pour rendre compte du climat d un syst me int gral de marchandise , Solterdijk voque l id e d un palais de la consommation l chelle plan taire une architectonique du grand int rieur Sloterdijk se base ici sur l image du palais de cristal forg e par Dosto evski m taphore renvoyant au fameux grand difice de l Exposition universelle de 1851 Londres L auteur propose d s lors une contre histoire du cheminement vers l tablissement du palais de cristal Cette grande marche vers le confort o l on croise conquistadors, colons, explorateurs, t l communicateurs catholiques et news groups j suites d bouche sur une posthistoire contemporaine une cristallisation de toutes les esp ces de pass en plasma d une history of everything P 240 D apr s ce diagnostic pr cis, l ennui diffus, d une part, le stress non sp cifique, d autre part, constituen...

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    I really like the axis Sloterdijk provides for thinking of globalization throughout history as both a returning to earlier forms and a slowly building compression of space For example, he makes connections between medieval conceptions of locality, i.e bilocality, the ability to inhabit two places at once, and digital experiences of translocality, in which distance collapses and no longer provides an obstacle Between them is terrestrial globalism, in which the obstacle of distance is fetishized and the goal becomes discovery At the same time, he describes the ways in which space becomes slowly compressed from the ancients, whose morphological conception of the globe recognized no limits to the ages of empire, whose expanded globe was compromised by the possibility of mapping the entire thing to finally the electronic globe, in which you re stuck where you are no matter where you go because the reach of capital has shot through and homogenized the globe So one of the major lessons I learned was the distinction between place and space two pieces of jargon...

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    Oi Polity Press waves Why no Kindle edition

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    this is good it s funny every few lines i was laughing out loud not sure you will tho.

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