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Free ↠ The Last of the Duchess By Caroline Blackwood –

The Last of the DuchessIntriguing, Suspenseful, And Witty, This Is The Story Of Journalist And Novelist Caroline Blackwood S Search For The Late Duchess Of Windsor It Is Also A Provocative Exploration Of The Often Bizarre Connection Between Heightened Celebrity And Approaching Death In Blackwood S Words, The Fatal Effects Of Myth First Serial To New York Times Magazine.

Free ↠ The Last of the Duchess By Caroline Blackwood –
  • ebook
  • The Last of the Duchess
  • Caroline Blackwood
  • 05 March 2019
  • 9781299093799

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    Fact is sometimes stranger than fiction The following story is factual In 1976, Wallis, the Duchess of Windsor, appointed Maitre Suzanne Blum as her Power of Attorney For ten long years, her life would be solely under the supervision of this formidable French lawyer.In 1980, Caroline Blackwood is commissioned by the Sunday Times to interview Wallis, Duchess of Windsor an interview which would accompany the photograph which Royal photographer, Lord Snowden, wanted to take The Duchess had always been a figure of mystery and allure to Blackwood who was a child when the future King of England gave up his throne for The Woman He Loved Like any good journalist, Blackwood researches what she can of Wallis current situation Interviewing friends, acquaintances and newspaper reports, she hear a variety of dispiriting claims about the Duchess i.e she is either paralysed, comatose, a prisoner of Blum, she s being kept alive by artificial means She learns that the Duchess is kept hidden away in a locked and barred house, with a staff of only trusted employees hand picked by Blum From every source, she hears that Blum has always thwarted communication with the Duchess herself No one has the courage to confront this writ happy French woman.Heading to Paris, Blackwood encounters Maitre Suzanne Blum but she finds all her requests for the interview blocked She realises that Blum is a force to be reckoned with, with a reputation for suing anyone who writes anything...

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    This book is of a memoir of how Caroline was trying to get information about the Wallis the Duchess of Windsor, and she found a huge obstacle in the way by the name of Maitre Blum the Duchess lawyer and spokesperson.This book was not published till the death of the lawyer, as she was famous for suing any journalist or newspaper for writing anything she deemed not nice about the duchess When the quest begins to know how the duchess is doing. the readers understand from the gossip that she is 84 years, bedridden, perhaps in and out of consciousness, doesn t meet any of her usual friends, some say Maitre Blum is keeping her alive through a feeding pipe through the nose Caroline Blackwood feels like a gonzo journalist as she is putting us right there in all her interview with the Lawyer, her editor, the various ladies and sirs who know the duchess As readers we are learning and reading about events that covered most of th...

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    I made the assumption that this book actually included an interview with the Duchess of Windsor when she was at the end of her life Wrong The author, on a newspaper assignment, to write an article about Wallis Windsor, decided to turn her experience into a book Wrong again Instead, this is a book about the attorney, M itre Suzanne Blum, who totally controlled the Duchess, from her wealth to any public pronouncements about her physical condition She was an angry, nasty woman who insulted anyone who came close to the Duchess, who was bedridden at the time of the book s writing Her descriptions of her client were almost totally f...

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    Mm diciamo che non esattamente il libro che ti aspetti.Perch l autrice non riesce a parlare con la duchessa, rimbalza contro l assurda situazione degli ultimi anni di vita di Wallis Windsor, segregata in casa dall avvocato che avrebbe dovuto prendersi cura di lei, allontanata dagli amici, isolata dal mondo.Caroline Blackwood racconta dunque tutti i suoi giri, gli incontri e lo strano, inquietante personaggio di Suzanne Blum, morbosame...

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    Caroline Blackwood casts a very cold eye on the duchess in her old age Forbidden to see her or interview her by her dragonlike lawyer, Blackwood interviews her friends and speculates on the gossip Is the duchess a dried up fossil held prisoner by her butler Is she swollen to twice her former size Has she turned black, as another friend t...

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    Looking at that title, it strikes me that Blackwood was slyly invoking the menacing association from Browning s That s my last Duchess Whether or not the reference was intended, Blackwood certainly makes it clear that she found the circumstances of Wallis Windsor s last years, and particularly her secretive guardian lawyer, maitre Suzanne Blum, very sinister indeed.Blackwood narrates her unsuccessful attempts to see the Duchess, her three interviews with Blum, and her various researches into both women, largely from interviews with surviving friends and associates This was in the early 80s, and Blackwood s book didn t come out until after the death not only of the Duchess but of Blum as well It very quickly becomes apparent why, when one reads the colourful and scathing characterization of Blum, not to mention Blum s notoriously litigious habits I suspect that the eventual appearance of this volume was by way of amends for Blackwood s article about Blum following the interviews, which she characterizes, with obvious distaste, as particularly fawning and complimentary.I haven t read much about Edward and Walli...

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    This book was not about Wallis Simpson as I had hoped but about the author and her inability to meet with the Duchess in the last years of her life Much of the book was focused on a scathing description of the duchess lawyer I actually found the book incredible boring and disappointing.

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    What an incredibly sad book It s supposed to be funny, but while the author describes in gross detail how unstable and formidable the Duchess of Windsor s lawyer is, she seems unconcerned that clearly an act of elder abuse is happening under hers and other people s noses and apparently nobody can do anything about it but the truth is that nobody really tries because they are too scared don t care enough it s too interesting to wonder what s happening than really find out the probably horrifying truth It is appalling that the journalist had hints about the severity of the abuse sexual medical and she still chose to make the whole situation into a joke Further, some journalist She has plenty of opportunity to ask the right questions and never does She doesn t ask, Why can nobody see the Duchess She s even at the house where she s supposedly living, talking with the butler who has served the Duchess for...

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    This book, like so many, could have done with stringent editing, but in spite of some repetitions it reads very well My interest in the British Monarchy is minimal, and it s the fact that Caroline Blackwood was the author that attracted me to this book Sure enough, her lucid style proved just the thing to bring to life the dismal story, or rather non story, of the last years of the Duchess of Windsor, bereft of most of her faculties and at the mercy of a vindictive and possibly slightly crazed lawyer, Ma tre Suzanne Blum Blackwood never quite managed to take the full measure of that extraordinary character, one of the first women to be called to the bar in France, but the minutes of her interviews with her are fascinating The 2 women, the flighty Duchess whose greatest claim to fame was that she drove a Royal twit crazy, and the brainy puritanical lawyer who could issue death threats without blinking, are polar opposites and yet Blackwood is able to tease out of their life story so...

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    If you re looking for a biography of the Duchess of Windsor, this isn t it It s of a biography of her Parisian lawyer, Suzanne Blum, but much of the book is just speculation and gossip about both women It s interesting, don t get me wrong, but there s not a lot of hard facts in here.It s also quite depressing If someone who was as well known and well off as Wallis, Duchess of Windsor could end up being...

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