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[ BOOKS ] ✯ Who Was Nelson Mandela? Author Meg Belviso –

Who Was Nelson Mandela?As A Child He Dreamt Of Changing South Africa As A Man He Changed The World Nelson Mandela Spent His Life Battling Apartheid And Championing A Peaceful Revolution He Spent Twenty Seven Years In Prison And Emerged As The Inspiring Leader Of The New South Africa He Became The Country S First Black President And Went On To Live His Dream Of Change This Is An Important And Exciting Addition To The Who Wasseries.

[ BOOKS ] ✯ Who Was Nelson Mandela? Author Meg Belviso –
  • Paperback
  • 112 pages
  • Who Was Nelson Mandela?
  • Meg Belviso
  • 24 March 2018
  • 9780448479330

    10 thoughts on “[ BOOKS ] ✯ Who Was Nelson Mandela? Author Meg Belviso –

  1. says:

    I love the Who Was books I am trying to read all the books that my library carries This was a great, short, easy read about Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela spent his life battling apartheid He went to one of the only all black schools that taught reading, math, etc Black people were forbade to be able to vote, travel without permission and own land There was an apartheid policy of racial segregation in the country.In 1943 Mandela joined the African National Congress ANC This helped Mandela spread the word of the injustice to the people However, there was a Sharpeville Massacre The police killed 69 peaceful protestors and the ANC was banned This causes Mandela to go into hiding On August 5, Mandela was arrested after living on the run for seventeen months and was imprisoned in the Johannesburg Fort On October 25th, Mandela was sentenced and sentenced to five years in prison but again goes on the run When he was captured he was convicted of sabotage and treason and sentenced to life imprisonment at the age of 46, initially on Robben island where he would be kept for 18 years.On February 11th, Mandela was released from prison after 27 years The ban on African National Congress ANC was lifted Mandela become their president They started talking about forming a multi racial democracy for South Africa Black South Africans were finally allowed to v...

  2. says:

    Who Was Nelson Mandela by Meg Belviso, Pamela D Pollack, Stephen Marchesi Illustrator is packed with lots of personal information that I never knew about Mr Mandela, esp his younger years Very interesting book about his life and the book is long too, over 100 pages with great sketches scattered throughout I was amazed at how little I did know about a man so famous This is a middle grade teen book but adults will love this book too I got this from the library but if I had the money, all these b...

  3. says:

    No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes naturally to the human heart than its opposite Nelson Mandela

  4. says:

    I think that the book is good I am very proud of Nelson Mandela for standing up for blacks and whites being equal.

  5. says:

    I can t believe how idiotic and small minded people can be I am reminded of it when I read about great people like Mandela and all the things he and many others had to suffer.

  6. says:

    Nelson Mandela was a South African politician and activist who had dreams of changing his country when he was little but ended up changing the world throughout his lifetime Mandela s father died when he was young and the king of his native Thembuland took him in as his foster son Through tribal meetings, Mandela learned the importance of listening to others and witnessed firsthand the oppression of black South Africans as they lost any voice they had in the South African government As he observed this injustice and oppression, he dreamed of a South Africa where everyone was treated equally and no one was oppressed and hoped to make that dream come true someday As he grew up, he participated in and got involved with and movements in order to achieve equality in his country he even went to boarding school in hopes of someday working in the government Mandela went on to become a key political figure and philanthropist, spending 27 years in prison for publicly being against the government s actions Upon his release, Mandela continued his revolutionary work and was a key figure in the anti apartheid movement He went on to become South Africa s first black president and even after he left office continued to be involved in worldwide activism and remained a key figure in the world until his death in 2013.Given the fact that Nelson Mandela only passed away a few years ago, I felt ...

  7. says:

    Nelson Mandela was a really important person who wanted to change South Africa but ended up changing the world Just like Martin Luther King Jr he went to jail for 18 years on Robben Island When Nelson was yong his father was leader of a tribe When Nelson was a grown man he started to convince people to fight for their rights Nelson started making marches with other africans and stand up to the whites and the blacks fought for their rights Nelson s wife didn t think he should do this but he did Then whites came and useed violence against Nelson So Nelson and his friends supported him but the whites didn t give up so they killed 69 african mothers and children When Nelson was locked in jail for 18 years he was miserable When relised from prison everyone cheered for him and he was ...

  8. says:

    Nelson Mandela is a person who had a dream to change South Africa to better his country His dream was to finish segregation and to bring freedom to his country I love the book because Nelson Mandela brings his dream to real life and changes from a normal man to be the symbol of freedom in the world Also, he went from a normal man to the first democratic president in South Africa and changed hi...

  9. says:

    This book was okay I don t really like reading nonfiction books So I guess the book is as good as it can be for a nonfiction book I was surprised though that Nelson Mandela wasn t always his real name His name was Rolihlahla, which meant tree shaker and also troublemaker He had to move and go to a new school His...

  10. says:

    The Who Was biography series are perfect for elementary or intermediate age students interested learning about the featured person for an assignment or just for an exciting read The afterward portion in this edition has a timeline on one side showing key events in Nelson Mandela s life and the opposite page shows worldwide key events during the same time period Making for an interesting comparison and will help readers get a better feel for what el...

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