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!!> Reading ➳ Tre Hundes Nat ➬ Author Elsebeth Egholm –

Tre Hundes NatEx Convict Peter Boutrup Has Moved To Remote, Rural Eastern Denmark To Start A New Life And Leave His Past Behind But When A Young Woman Goes Missing On New Year S Eve And He Then Discovers The Body Of Ramses, An Old Acquaintance From Prison, Things Start To Unravel Two Days After The Disappearance They Find The Body Of A Young Girl In The Harbour She Is Naked, Attached To An Anchor And Her Face Has Been Torn Off Is This The Body Of The Missing Woman And Is It Connected With Ramses Murder Peter Boutrup Must Accept That The Answer Lies Hidden In The Past That He Is Trying To Forget.

!!> Reading ➳ Tre Hundes Nat ➬ Author Elsebeth Egholm –
  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • Tre Hundes Nat
  • Elsebeth Egholm
  • English
  • 02 December 2018
  • 9780755397822

    10 thoughts on “!!> Reading ➳ Tre Hundes Nat ➬ Author Elsebeth Egholm –

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    Author Elsebeth Egholm is a bestselling Danish author and this is the first of her books translated into English Often novels translated for the UK market tend to be published out of series order, but the blurb on the back of this book said it was the start of a thrilling new crime series featuring ex convict Peter Boutrup and it certainly read like a first novel introducing characters and places , so I am hopeful that the publishers have taken note of readers wishes for once.Set in the small town of Grena in East Jutland, Denmark, this book is set in the middle of a freezing winter and having experienced winter in Denmark that is very cold indeed The novel begins on New Years Eve, with Peter Boutrup returning from a party Having recently been released from prison, he is endeavouring to get his life back to normal working for builder Manfred, living in his tiny house with his dog and only his reclusive new neighbour Felix Felicia nearby, and enjoying his hobbies of reading and painting Intruding into his new peace comes ex con Stinger, an old face from Horsens Prison Stinger was meant to be meeting up with Ramses the two plotting to finding the stash of a drug smuggler who died in prison Then, Stinger goes missing and Peter...

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    Most of the action in this novel takes place in the small town of Gren on the coast of Jutland, Denmark in the grips of a severe winter.Recently released from prison, Peter Boutrup is now trying to lead a quiet, law abiding life whilst making a modest living as a carpenter However, it seems Peter s past has a way of catching up with him First he discovers the dead body of a former prison acquaintance on the shore near his home then his home is ransacked and another prison acquaintance is viciously assaulted Also, how does his mysterious new neighbour, Felix Gomez fit into all this As if often the case with small isolated communities, there are frequent and numerous interconnections between the lives of the residents It is discovering where these connections lie and why that drives this intriguing story forward, culminating in a thrilling dual finale where two women are separately abducted by brothers from a highly dysfunctional family.As ...

  3. says:

    Absolutely loved this book, so much so I ordered the 2nd in the series Those are the only 2 books by Elsebeth Egstrom in English She s also the author of the Dicte series, which I sincerely hope will be translated into English sooner rather than later So pleased to have discovered her.

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    I loved the mostly broken characters and the plot All the intricacies of the interrealations between them are finely spun, perfectly elaborated Plus, while reading this winterly murder mystery, there was quite a scorcher outside So it was also refreshing to read about the lower degrees.

  5. says:

    i really enjoyed this I picked it up because I enjoyed the Dicte series which she also wrote, but sadly those aren t translated.This kept me guessing.

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    Finished reading the nordic noir in the lovely bright sunshine this Sunday afternoon This is the first of a series featuring Peter Boutrup, recently released from prison for killing the man who killed his dog I approve This one has a gang war between men and wome...

  7. says:

    Took way too long to get going and far too many characters, but once it eventually did get going it was pretty good Not sure if I would read another.

  8. says:

    I liked the Dicte TV show at least the first 2 seasons This book was significantly bleaker.

  9. says:

    I enjoyed this book quite a bit Looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

  10. says:

    Through the power of Scandi Noir, I dive headfirst into the Danish Underbelly of society with this crime novel, that promises to be the start of a series featuring Peter Boutrup This is not a policeman, or a detective but an everyman that has been previously done time for manslaughter You have to pay attention to this book I think it was something to do with someone shooting his dog.And in Peter, you cannot help but think that Elsebeth Egholm has put to page her blueprint for her dream man Quiet, loving, kind to animals, knows how to have a fight when its required Can build furniture with his bare hands He s alright as a character but quite how we get a crime series out of a Danish Furniture maker with some dodgy friends, I don t know I sense he is going to have a knack of being in the wrong place at the wrong time an awful lot of times.The first 100 pages of the book are confusing as we are introduced to a lot of characters quickly There s been a couple of murders as you would expect but quite why we delve into the backstory of the police frogwoman who is searching the harbour for a body is not immediately apparent.I can only urge you to pay attention to get into the rhythm of the book A lot goes on quickly, but the characters including a prostitute visiting policeman are all interesting and their secrets or meaning to the story are not immediately apparent or revealed.Massive echos of the Stig Larsson trilogy including some very ...

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