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[Epub] The Stainless Steel Rat Wants You By Harry Harrison –

The Stainless Steel Rat Wants YouSlippery Jim Di Griz The Stainless Steel Rat Is Still Recovering From His Efforts To Save His Beloved Angelina From The Notorious Interstellar Internal And External Revenue When He Is Called Upon To Perform The Impossible Saving The Galaxy But Can He Pull It Off The Galaxy Is Being Attacked By Every Kind Of Alien Race Untold Billions Of Tentacled, Slimy, Green, Clawed Mutations And Time Is Running Out Aided And Abetted By His Wife Angelina And His Teenage Sons, James And Bolivar, Jim Infiltrates The Nerve Centre Of The Enemy Council Chambers But He Hasn T Reckoned On The Grey Men And Their Commitment To A Holy Crusade To Destroy Mankind Permanently

[Epub] The Stainless Steel Rat Wants You By Harry Harrison –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 155 pages
  • The Stainless Steel Rat Wants You
  • Harry Harrison
  • English
  • 13 May 2017
  • 9780553253955

    10 thoughts on “[Epub] The Stainless Steel Rat Wants You By Harry Harrison –

  1. says:

    I started this book this week because I had the post Xmas vacation blues really badly and needed something to make me smile There was than enough silliness in this book to achieve my aim.Just like in War of the Worlds, Earth is being menaced by cephalopods of all shapes, sizes and degrees of sliminess James Bolivar DiGriz Slippery Jim, the Stainless Steel Rat is called upon by the Special Corps once again to save the universe First he has to break his sons out of jail, rescue his wife from the taxman and build himself his own slimy disguise to become Sleepery Jeem There are LOTS of bad jokes, like aliens named Sess pul The aliens, it turns out, speak many different languages, but have settled on Esperanto to communicate amongst themselves and Jim of course knows Esperanto Things get complicated when the Moralty Corps shows up and put the kibosh on several of Jim s slippery plans Some very irreverent antics ensue I probably read th...

  2. says:

    The fourth book originally published in the Stainless Steel Rat series, this one has plenty of humor and a plot that bounces around a bit.Angela is kidnapped by the galactic IRS, then rescued by the Rat and their sons, James and Bolivar Then Slippery Jim is waylaid into finding out why a satellite full of admirals disappeared, and uses time travel again to help This takes our heroes across the galaxy and eventually to the home world of the evil Gray Men, Kekkonshiki Whew In this tale we consider Moral Philosophy, male chauvinism, parallel dimensions and three overarching control groups the IRS, the Morality Police and the Time Cops Most characters are fairly flat, and while the story isn t predictable, it is pretty quick The time travel gimmick is now officially overused, and I hope that the sole responsible scientist manages to escape for a long vacation I prefer my capers to stay lo...

  3. says:

    Another in the stainless steel rat books They are all quick reads with alot of humor in them The stories remain fresh and new Very recommended, especially to teen readers or someone new to SiFi

  4. says:

    This is my first of the this serial and it s okay It has some humor and it retains a roguish charm even though it s kinda missing a rogue Love the bad guys tho Super emotionless with hearts as cold as the planet they were abandoned on.

  5. says:

    Originally posted on SpecFic Junkie.If you ve read any of my other Stainless Steel Rat reviews, you ll know the drill this is larger than life, over the top pure skiffy goodness that s a self aware parody of Golden Age Science Fiction Needless to say, though, they have their problems This one is one of the problematic books in the series due to the way it s handled, however, it didn t ruin the enjoyment at least for me.When I say it s over the top, I m talking dialogue that s way too witty and always sets up the next line I m talking how no one gets in a jam unless they ve got some amazing way to get themselves out of it The protag isn t pure, but he s a gentleman who s really just a criminal because he s bored and it s good for the economy.But Harry Harrison seems perfectly aware of what he s doing It s of a parody of the books written like this that take themselves oh so seriously No, he doesn t attempt to justify anything with impressive sciency sounding technobabble Everything s named something completely ridiculous and has no explanation whatsoever.I mean, they all speak Esperanto, for god s sake.The problematic issues of Golden Age SciFi come up too, but for the most part, Harry Harrison seems to recognize this Frex, with sexism, which comes up the most, he at least attempts to subvert it or cross the line twice...

  6. says:

    ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.I ve been enjoying Harry Harrison s Stainless Steel Rat series, especially the superb audio versions produced by Brilliance Audio Slippery Jim DiGriz is a con artist who s been forced to work undercover for the Special Corps, an intergalactic investigating agency Each of these short novels starts with him and now his family, too hiding out from the Special Corps and living it up on other taxpayers money Each time, the Special Corps traps him and sends him off on a fast paced, dangerous mission that usually involves saving the galaxy in some way.This time aliens are invading, so Slippery Jim, with the help of his beautiful and deadly wife and their delinquent teenage twins, infiltrates their lair by disguising himself as an alien who wants to join their army How could he possibly know that his alien costume is so sexy that he ll have to fight off male suitors while he s trying to save the galaxy The Stainless Steel Rat Wants You is another entertaining offering from Harry Harrison and narrator Phil Gigante It was fun to see Jim and Angelina s twins grown up and following the family traditions Unfortunately, this story relies on some of the same plot elements that we ve seen before it seems fairly simple to save the world when your enemies are all brainwashed by outdated moral philosop...

  7. says:

    James Bolivar diGriz, alias Slippery Jim is no longer a stainless steel rat in the wainscoting of society well, at least he is no longer solely a stainless steel rat Though his thieving ways are not yet behind him, Jim diGriz is firmly entrenched as the top agent in the Special Corps, that feared branch of the law headed by the most notorious criminal of all time, Harold P Inskipp.When his wife is kidnapped by the revenue service out of their current home on the planet Blodgett, Slippery Jim leaps into action, gathering up his two teenage sons from their military boarding school and penitentiary to spring mom and wreak havoc on the tax bureau at the same time As is often the case with his adventures, personal conflict often leads to bigger problems, and Jim diGriz soon finds himself commandeered to save humanity from galaxy wide destruction.Sounds simple, eh It is for the Stainless Steel Rat at least until his most feared enemy ...

  8. says:

    Slippery Jim DiGriz is off on another interstellar adventure This time, the Special Corps needs him to save the human galaxy from invading aliens With the help of his now adult twin sons and his beautiful, and cunning, wife Angelina, Slippery Jim is able to infiltrate the alien ranks and undermine their masterminds Unfortunately, success is not quite in reach when the Morality Corps, a super secret group that, apparently, has authority than the Special Corps, continuously disapproves of all Jim s schemes to rid the galaxy of these pestilential aliens In the end, a compromise is sought in the do first and ask...

  9. says:

    SciFi humor I quite enjoyed the first five books or so, but in the end the laughter starts wearing thin I gave up after The Stainless Steel Rat Goes to Hell Those I have read are The Stainless Steel Rat The Stainless Steel Rat s Revenge The St...

  10. says:

    I absolutely fell in love with the Stainless Steel Rat series They are goofy, fast paced, and humorous sci fi books It was my first introduction to Harry Harrison and also my first time ever reading a comedic sci fi book I loved both of them immediately.

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