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[[ Read ]] ➲ Father Bob Author Sue Williams –

Father Bob This Is The Life Story Of Father Bob Maguire A Rare Behind The Scenes Look At The Much Loved People S Priest The Enigmatic Champion Of The Down And Out Was Shaped By A Lonely Childhood In Poor Circumstances, An Early Priesthood That Collided With The Upheaval Of Vatican 11 And Working With The Army During The Vietnam War This Is A Lively Portrait Of The Man Behind The Resilient Social Activist And Popular Media Performer Who Refuses To Be Defeated By Enforced Retirement From The Parish Over Which He Presided For Nearly Forty Years.Bob Maguire Some People Have Called Me A Maverick Or A Larrikin Or A Renegade, Or They Say I M Plain Mad.People Will Have To Decide For Themselves But Just One Thing Don T Ever Make Me A Saint Because That Is Something I M Most Definitely Not.

[[ Read ]] ➲ Father Bob  Author Sue Williams –
  • Paperback
  • 376 pages
  • Father Bob
  • Sue Williams
  • English
  • 24 October 2018
  • 9781921901317

    10 thoughts on “[[ Read ]] ➲ Father Bob Author Sue Williams –

  1. says:

    These are strange and interesting times for the Catholic church, with the words Catholic priest synonymous with pedophilia and an old world dislocation from real people Likewise these are strange and interesting times for Australia, when the concept of using money to draw the most social, rather than financial, benefit has become considered the height of economic mismanagement and requires the conservative hierarchy to rectify the situation.And few things personify what is happening quite like the story of Father Bob Maguire His is a quintessentially Australian story, coming from an impoverished background to become a well known celebrity today There s few things us Australians love than a larrikin underdog fighting against a stuffy authority.I am in awe of Bob having read about his upbringing and background, as I am amazed at his modernity and acceptance of the worldly issues of young people today given he has lived within the institution of the Catholic church for his whole adult life In one section of the book he described how duri...

  2. says:

    I, like many other secular Australians, admire Father Bob and the way he lives his faith and stands so strong in his work of helping his fellow beings I looked forward to reading this book, I learned a lot of background information about the man and his work and that has if anything increased my respect for him But, from this readers point of view, is a book that requires a bit of effort to stick...

  3. says:

    I don t read a lot of biography but this was on my list for a long time He s my sort of guy intelligent, reflective, curious and able to act out of a deep compassion and empathy for the less fortunate in our midst He s also got a great sense of humour, rat cunning, and the ability to cut through the cant and hypocrisy of the Catholic Church hierarchy.George Pell and Dennis Hart got him in the end and what for Issues of power and control Giving too much ...

  4. says:

    Father Bob comes across as a committed, hard working man of the people whose humanity is never in question He is a thorn in the side of the members of the conservative Catholic hierarchy, and they force him to leave his parish at age 77 This doesn t seem too unreasonable, except that the parish is his life and all he wants It is a biography, not my normal read, and so comes across to me as a bit one thing after another I never felt it was a close look at Bob s character, but a casual, if well researched, look at a man from another time and place who manages to connect with those in need He probably would drive some people crazy but his schemes really work, in the most part, and he is not a man who, for all his big ego, is really interested in himself as a celebrity out of vanity, but as a means to raising fund to help the poor.As a lapsed Catholic the backstabbing, use you up and cast you out methods of the church are no fresh revelation for me, but it does seem rather cruel, carele...

  5. says:

    Father Bob Maguire An ordinary man, who grew up in less than nurturing circumstances to become a great advocate and supporter of the poor, homeless and disadvantaged A man who was inspired by the teachings of the Catholic Church to do good and to help those in need and who fought much of the hierarchy of this same institution to do so Sue Williams tells the story of how Father Bob came to be the man he is today A man who considered people to be the priority of the Catholic Church, rather than position, wealth and ceremony Heavily influenced by the Vatican II council, one which would have seen great change to the Catholic Church, had it not been crushed by the conservative parties of the Church Williams exposes Father Bob to be a man that considers other people before himself and tries uses his position, both in the Church an...

  6. says:

    I think this was very well written As someone who followed his media career from afar in Brisbane I became a big fan of Bob s from when I first saw him on Safran Vs God I was also a loyal Sunday Night Safran listener I think I listened to every podcast 3 times each He inspired me greatly I even started to believe in faith again I made sure that when I visited Melbourne in 2011 I went along to his mass at St Peter and Pauls He inspired me to believe in people, faith and to do no harm To see Gods work in ACTION I think this is how Bob would have liked his biohraphy to be written Yes he loved the showmanship of it all but for good use F...

  7. says:

    I am a colossal fan of Father Bob and follower of his war cries aplenty So I was eager to learn about the man behind the mission as it were and leaped into this biography with high expectations Unfortunately I found the style in which his often dramatic life is portrayed by Sue Williams a little bland and lack lustre and in stark comparison with the title character It left me feeling a little underwhelmed although the life story it was relaying was full of pepper and...

  8. says:

    This is the life story of Father Bob Maguire a rare behind the scenes look at the much loved people s priest The enigmatic champion of the down and out was shaped by a lonely childhood in poor circumstances, an early priesthood that collided with the upheaval of Vatican 11 and working with the army during the Vietnam War This is a lively portrait of the man behi...

  9. says:

    What an interesting man he is, you can only admire someone who comes from such hard circumstances, but still finds compassion and a steady faith in both people and God I enjoyed this book and the story of Father Bob s life I always enjoyed his banter with John Safran, I like knowing of his life And thank him for being the person most of us are not I hope he ha...

  10. says:

    Honest and down to earth account of Father Bob s life The man is an inspiration and has completely modelled his life on that of the founder of the firm, Jesus Father Bob gives and gives Everything With no thoug...

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