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[PDF / Epub] ☀ Hidden Agenda By Peter Berman –

Hidden Agenda Jeremy Hart, A Senior Prosecutor In The LA District Attorney S Office, Is A Young Widower Whose Grief Counselor Sends Him To A Charity Party To Jump Start His Social Life At The Party, He Meets Claire, A Young Married Woman With Two Small Children Who Is Trapped In A Loveless Marriage To Peter, A Very Wealthy And Abusive Man When A Courtship Develops Between Jeremy And Claire, Claire S Violent Husband Peter Discovers The Affair After A Brutal Beating, Claire Confides To Jeremy That She Believes That Peter Is Planning On Taking Her Life When Claire S Husband Is Found Shot To Death In The Driveway Of His Home, Detective Ulysses S Gibson And His Partner Jennifer Donahue Are Called To Investigate The Murder For The Prosecutor, The Crime Is An Easy Conviction When All The Leads Of The Investigation Point To Jeremy.For Detectives Gibson And Donahue, Nothing Is So Obvious How Are These Individuals Connected And What Of The Death Of Jeremy S Wife, Elizabeth, Years Go Gibson And Donahue Keep The Scales Of Justice In Balance As They Discover Everyone S Hidden Agenda.

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    This is the kind of book that will make you yell at anyone who interrupts your reading A roller coaster ride is almost an understatement I thought I had figured it all outnope So glad there s another book by Berman

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    This book was given to my by the publisher for the purpose of an honest review Would I read it again YesPlot very well executed, concise and to the pointCharacters intriguing, unique and mysteriousMovie Potential Ease of reading Simple, to the point and very easy to follow.Well, I have to say I was a little wary of this book It sounded fabulous but I was a little worried about how far the writer would take the domestic abuse stuff Turns out, I shouldn t have worried too much But, fair warning I will use copious amounts of capital letters and exclamation marks in this review Why Because it needs them Because this book is outrageously clever, witty, charming and like one of those mysterious men you read about in romance novels You have no clue how to work them out, but you like it And they are full of surprises The book is definitely an 18 over kind of book, but you miss out the worst things and feel only mildly disturbed through parts However, unlike how other books would put me off with this, the story is so intricately woven, the bad parts ...

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    Hidden Agenda by Peter S Berman is an amazing five star crime thriller courtroom drama novel It keeps the reader engaged, with plenty of dialogue, brilliant characters and most importantly, a dramatic storyline Hidden Agenda is separated into four sections books , beginning as a crime thriller, taking the reader right into the thick of a courtroom drama as it builds it s way with many twists and turns into the concluding fourth section.After losing his wife in an accident a few years before, Jeremy Hart, a senior prosecutor in the LA District Attorney s office, is encouraged by his counselor to try socialising again She offers him a ticket for a charitable event where he first meets Claire Carleton Ex model Claire is trapped in a loveless marriage to a wealthy and powerful man, Peter Carleton, who is also very abusive and possessive towards her Love blossoms between Claire and Jeremy and they wind up in an affair that neither one wants to walk away from However, with Peter always looking over her shoulder it is difficult for Claire and Jeremy to meet up After messaging to e...

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    Hidden Agenda by Peter S Berman, a Review Jeremy Hart, Senior Prosecutor for the California DA s office based in Los Angeles appears to have it all the life one would dream of a good paying, high ranking position in the State Government, the semi luxurious lifestyle, and freedom However, it is all a fa ade, yes he has the job, the car, the house in a gated community, but his life is missing something a widower of two years he feels empty his life without his Lizzie is lacking the shine so to speak Without her he feels there s a hole in his heart one he is unsure anyone can fill that is until his therapist, Dr Shari Bauer, gives him a ticket to a black tied fundraiser for the hospital in hopes that he will at least be open to the possibility of meeting new people Claire Carleton, former model who definitely has the LA Lifestyle you only read about in magazines, the money, the luxury, a husband, and two perfect children But like Jeremy s life, and something you then turn around and read about in a book or even worst a newspaper obit, her life is not what it seems Claire s a prisoner in her own life, her h...

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    This book reviewed by Michelle Randall for Reader s Favorite.A year after his wife s death, Jeremy Hart, from the DA s office, is attending a fund raising gala at the advice of his therapist She wants him to talk to at least two single women, when he spots Claire Carlton, he is smitten, after an innocent dance he finds she is married and she will later pay the price at the hands of her husband for the dance Hidden Agenda follows Claire and Jeremy as they talk, becoming friends and then lovers Claire wants to leave her husband, but Peter is not a man you walk away from, so they talk about it but you can tell it will never happen One night Peter is shot in his driveway, and Jeremy is arrested for the murder, but did he do it Or is he being framed Author Peter S Berman introduces us then to Ulysses and Jennifer, the Detectives on the case and what they find or don t find All the while, there are side vignettes of a stranger that is attacking women How does that tie into this investigation Peter S Berman does a wonderful job, breaking the book in three main sections, one about each duo of characters as it might be, and telling what is happening from their perspectives The beginning of the story is all...

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    Serial sex offenders, adulterers and murderers, oh my Peter Berman s Hidden Agenda has it all This multi layered whodunit is initially a somewhat slow read but as it gets going much like a locomotive it s hard to stop.Reminiscent of early John Grisham s works Berman introduces us to the likeable Jeremy Hart Head Deputy District Attorney in Los Angeles County who also happens to be a grief stricken widower At his therapist s suggestion he attends a fundraiser where he meets the beautiful Claire Carleton with whom he f...

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    As an avid crime fiction reader I have to admit that I was immediately drawn into the story The plot makes you want to continue without interruptions Hart, Gibson, and Donahue are characters you can easily become familiar with.The cleverly elaborated plot steers the readers through different stages of sympathies and...

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