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[[ Reading ]] ➶ The Diva Haunts the House (A Domestic Diva Mystery, #5) Author Krista Davis –

The Diva Haunts the House (A Domestic Diva Mystery, #5) Domestic Diva Sophie Winston Is Getting Into The Halloween Spirit Her Decorations For A Community Haunted House Are So Good, It S Scary Not To Be Outdone, Rival Domestic Diva Natasha Is Throwing A Spooktacular Halloween Party At Her House But When Sophie Arrives, She Discovers One Of Natasha S Guests Dead In A Halloween Display, And A Pale, Fanged Partygoer Fleeing The Scene.Could The Killer Be A Real Vampire The Same One Rud To Have Lived In Sophie S Haunted House Back When It Was A Boardinghouse Good Thing A Domestic Diva Never Runs Out Of Garlic.

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    Sophie Winston is helping with a local haunted house while her long time frenemy Natasha is throwing a big Halloween bash at her house When a local man who is also not very well liked turns up murdered outside Natasha and Mars s house he s Sophie s ex husband a vampire looking person escapes and starts showing up around town Sophie herself has a near miss with this person so she s determined to help find the flesh and blood perp who seems to be trying to wreck her haunted house and the middle schoolers chances at having a project finished that they will get school credit for The vampire legends start going viral and sometimes it s a little hard to tell the difference between legend and reality I really enjoyed this fun Halloween book by Krista Davis I had recently read another series of hers that has a good Halloween book as well and I knew she would not disappoint There were so many awesome twists and turns and genuinely spooky moments that I wasn t sure of the killer until the author chose to start revealing them I thought it was cool how the community came together and allowed the middle school kids to work on this haunted house project and get school credit for it Most of the kids were pretty well behaved aside from one little incident and of course there s always a mean girl and her minions in a school I have to admit, I normally start a series with the very first book and I felt really weird diving on into book 5 of this series but Krista Davis d...

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    Ok a good Halloween book the ending was the very best for me Cute spooky ending to a long book Some could have been cut out to make for a shorter story Overall not entirely horrible.

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    Found this one a little contrived than the others Still funny.

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    This month has been a catch up month for me, out of the 14 books I ve read this month 10 have been in series I ve already started This book fits perfectly into that, it s the third book in this series I ve read this month, but it was an amazing read with just the perfect amount of spookiness to go with the Halloween theme.Sophie is once again back, and she s better than ever Like in her other books she is one of the most knowledgeable MCs I ve read about recently, but yet she s one of the most humble, too All of the normal cast is back except for Sophie s parents and Hannah, Sophie s sister, but a whole group of new characters is introduced at the same time That was probably the largest drawback of the entire book, so many new characters were present that I got them confused quite often.As I said above, the spookiness factor was right on par with the Halloween theme of the book,and at some points I had goosebumps wondering what would h...

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    Krista Davis has created another gem of a book, with a winning protagonist in Sophie, a woman who can cook for an army while solving crime Lovable characters and neighbors abound Davis has created a diabolically perfect arch nemesis in the sassy Natasha A haunted house, coffins, ru...

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    I have really come to enjoy this series, it quickly became one of my favorites The characters are life like and feel like old friends when I read the books The pace was quick, the mystery and plot were good, and how can you not like a book centered around Halloween.I love how Sophie has so much patients to deal with Natasha, because I wouldn t But as I read this series, Natasha is needed in the book Even if she s self centered, egotistic, picture perfect within herself, her home, and with her show, her neediness She does help break up the ho hum dum and she brings in the comic relief Sophie also gets some good jabs at Natasha and she doesn t even realize that Sophie is being sarcastic towards her I enjoy the other main characters that play parts in the series, Wolf, Sophie s boyfriend and detective on the police force, Mars, Sophie s ex husband and Natasha s boyfriend Don t ask , Humphrey who runs the local restaurant and is friends with both Mars and Sophie, and Sophie s neighbor Nina All the character s fit well with each other, and in this book, both Natasha s mom Wanda and Mar s mother June are here to help Sophie with the haunted house.Sophie is getting ready for Halloween and is getting a haunted house ready for the town to come through June tells a story about an old vampire that use to stay at the house when it was a boarding hou...

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    Book 5 I loved this book and it will always be in my top 5 favs for sure Set during Halloween, loaded with cool advice at the beginning of each chapter and recipes in the back of the book, like making blood fingers and stuffed mummies lol This book is very unique in story and in style You can read these out of order as character developemnt is slower This book...

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    Domestic Divas Sophie Winston and Natasha Smith are trying to outdo each other with their Halloween plans Sophie is in charge of the community haunted house while Natasha is planning a huge Halloween Bash at her home Sophie is worried the fake haunted house is really haunted and Natasha has costumes and caters on her mind Sophie was not really planning to attend Natasha s party but she ends up there to try to solve a small problem When she arrives she discovers a much bigger problem, one a Natasha s guests, part of an elaborate Halloween display in the front yard, is not just playing dead, he is actually, really, very dead and he has two puncture marks on his neck Is there a vampire loose in Old Town As people stock up on garlic, Sophie is going to figure out who is responsible for all this mischief and murder This entire series has been terrific, but The Diva Haunts the House is so much fun You could say it s SPOOKTACULAR I caught myself laughing out loud several times All the kids involved in the haunted house brought back some wonderful memories from way back when.The constant neediness of Natasha to independent Sophie is such a great contrast How could the same man have fallen in love with both these women The dialogue between any of the two or all three together is perfectly written whether serious ...

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    I get hungry and amazed each time I read a foodie cozy, but especially this series There is always an occasion to pull out the themed food or meal or flatware plate napkin table runner I wonder where Sophie gets the time to prep all of these goodies and where the heck she keeps all of the holiday themed dishware Sometimes this distracts me from what s going on in the story I know it s likely that I am the only who notices this or is bothered, but there it is It is a fun series and I like watching Sophie and Natasha tangle I d kick Natasha to the curb, but she s with Sophie s ex, Mars, who Sophie still likes as a friend and Mars comes over to escape the foo foo life...

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    This fifth installment of the Domestic Diva series, has, in my eyes, proven to be very fresh still and still proven to have enough life to last for long The heroine, Sophie Winston, has changed her clique thoroughly Even her arch nemesis, Natasha, is almost out of the picture There is no mention of many previous acquaintances Her own parents, her ...

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