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❄ Pride of Carthage kindle Epub ❦ Author David Anthony Durham –

Pride of CarthageNeste Empolgante Pico, Recheado De Personagens Hist Ricas E Muitas Reviravoltas Do Destino, David Anthony Durham Recria O Mundo Lend Rio De An Bal, O Mais C Lebre Dos Le Es De Cartago.Tendo Como Cen Rio Inicial O Territ Rio Que Hoje Corresponde A Espanha, Tra A As Origens Da Guerra, As Primeiras Conquistas E A S Bia Escolha De An Bal Ao Atacar Roma Por Via Terrestre, Feito Que Se Julga Imposs Vel.A Prosa V Vida E Cinematrogr Fica De Durham Transporta Nos Para Diversos Campos De Batalha, Ao Encontro De Her Is E Povos B Licos Que Marcaram Para Sempre A Nossa Hist Ria Le Es De Cartago Uma Conquista Na Rea Do Romance Hist Rico E Far Com Que O Leitor Mergulhe Num Mundo De Autenticidade Ficcionada, Onde Ganham Vida Personagens, Acontecimentos E Pormenores Impressionantes.

❄ Pride of Carthage kindle Epub ❦ Author David Anthony Durham –
  • Paperback
  • 552 pages
  • Pride of Carthage
  • David Anthony Durham
  • Portuguese
  • 26 July 2019
  • 9789722515047

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    Re Read Review Ever get sick of hearing about how great Rome was The roads, the aqueducts, the politics, the legislation, the big names, the militaryever just wanna see Roma herself get knocked flat on her ass and piss herself Then Hannibal is your man Most people agree that if someone was gonna dislodge Rome s greedy grip from the Mediterranean relatively early in her rise to power it was gonna be Hannibal Whether or not he could have actually have pulled it off still seems to be a matter of debate but there can be no debating that the Second Punic War was one of the most legendary things to go down in human history Hannibal s inheritance of the war from his father Hamilcar, his crossing of the Alps and then the series of famous engagements at the Trasimene, Lake Trebia and Cannae, then his slow loss of grip on the situation of the war and his slide into defeat at Zama by the famous Scipio Africanusit just screams out to be recreated and humans have taken up this challenge for centuries in paintings, music, etc Was there a Hannibal movie I can t remember This tradition ...

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    Heard many great things about this book from friends you dinny let me down Great storytelling from the get go with Hannibal front centre with his brothers, which after trying another series was exactly what I was after, having wanted to read about the period of the 2nd Punic war from Hannibal s Carthage stance.The Barca family are characterised as POV main players along with their Roman adversaries The author also includes a few low level characters namely one from the infantry, a Numidian scout, a scribe, a merchant a camp follower giving us their perspective on the campaign which is a welcome angle never an intrusive interlude The author gets this absolutely spot on as you find yourself wanting to know how Imco Aradna are getting on Are they still alive Did they survive the battle Where are they now The opening chapter is devoted to the evolvement of the characters setting the scene for the clash with Rome which is painted as inevitable from a Carthaginian stance. them Romans although fighting elsewhere cannot be trusted which is engrained in the young Hannibal from his father Hamilcar Carthage, Iberia, Gaul, Macedon Rome are all part of the story politics which are revealed to the reader.The journey through the Alps is perilous as th...

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    Splendid, and straight onto my list of most admired HFs and since Hannibal is a real hero of mine, and his story nigh perfect for a novel, high on that list too My only complaint is that I feel sure this book needed to be 800 pages, not 600 At times he moves too fast over the ground, so that there are pages almost indistinguishable from a historian s He uses an old fashioned, classic language that, I d say, maintains the dignity of the material there s a dignity and weight He is not indulgent Although his scenes are deeply emotional and he conveys the full horror to you it seems to me he can have effect for a discipline he keeps perhaps like Hannibal s discipline Along with that, he didn t indulge me when my sentimental side asked for a happy sequel or certain knowledge I don t mean at the end here, but for instance, among the love stories each of which was very particular to the people involved even the sex scenes might only have been acted by those actors Hanno had the unlikeliest, but that got aborted and I did wish to see It s better that he doesn t indulge me And war can t pause for them or for my wish to follow their lives, and there is much uncertainty, for these people, about what s happening to those they care about A couple of the Barca brothers or sisters I only came to care about halfway or two thirds through This is a good...

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    There are a lot of novels set during the era of the Roman Republic yet how many can you name that take place before the first century There aren t a lot But those that exist can be guaranteed to focus on the Punic Wars The wars of Hannibal no, not that Hannibal aren t exactly an original subject for fiction They ve been the subject of plays and novels since Silius Italicus wrote his epic poem Punica back in the late first century Just since this book came out there s already been a new trilogy on Hannibal by Ben Kane and a whole series on Scipio So what makes this one worth reading Basically, this book is different from the rest because Hannibal is the actual protagonist Most books set in the Second Punic War the first book of Ross Leckie s Carthage trilogy being an exception focus on the Romans or at best have characters representing both sides Carthage plays very much a second fiddle to Rome This is essentially the other side of the story This book presents an account of the Second Punic War from an unabashedly pro Hannibal viewpoint And Hannibal s a great character Durham doesn t downplay his brutality, b...

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    WOW What a bloody terrific book I know that probably isn t the most eloquent way to say that, but I don t think anyone here is going to ping me for that.David Anthony Durham is an amazing author Of course he can get caught up in his story and go off on tangents when he shouldn t, and in doing this he retracts from the better storyline And he seems to only do it simply because he has had a thought and wants to run with it, but all in all, he is an amazing author and you can just scan read those parts if you have to.The characters were terrific For the entire middle of the book I actually enjoyed them than Hannibal who sometimes bored me with his morose and melancholy personality I enjoyed the brothers, especially Hasdrubal I enjoyed Hasbdrubal and his wife I enjoyed Masinissa and the beautiful youngest Barca sister Their tale broke my heart As did the journey and finale of the Imco and Aradna tale.I think you would have to be a...

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    Althought Hannibal s military tactics are fascinating, I was not impressed with the explicit sexuality in this book, nor the use of the F bomb because that word wasn t even around during that time period It un authentic...

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    Ok, this book was not a good fit There was one major thing that prevented me from enjoying it the time line The book starts with the introduction of POV characters, but their background is not described and neither is the Carthaginian culture Author just throws them into the story and gradually reveals who they are I am sorry, but such story telling completely missed me The resulting effect was that for the most exciting part of the book I did not really care about the characters, and once I started to know them a bit, author introduced periodical melodramatic lapses Two times I almost did not finish the book In any case, I am sure it is a great book, and second re...

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    Ritmo y entretenimiento por encima del rigor G nero Novela Hist rica.Lo que nos cuenta An bal Barca, l der pol tico y militar de las fuerzas cartaginesas que dominan la mayor a de la Pen nsula Ib rica, no est dispuesto a transigir con la pol tica romana que, a su parecer, no respeta el acuerdo de no ...

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    It is interesting to sometimes ponder on how we choose a book to read I had an interesting experience on this front recently I was on the verge of finishing Neil Gaiman s Neverwhere sometime back At that time, I thought on what book I would like to read next The font using which Neverwhere was printed made me think of another book I had with the same font In case you are interested in such things, this font was Melior It is typically used in paperbacks published by Black Swan Transworld They publish books by Sophie Kinsella, Joanne Harris and Neil Gaiman among other writers The book that I picked out for further exploration which had Melior font, was Joanne Harris Gentlemen Players I took out Gentlemen Players from the bookshelf and browsed through it and read the first chapter Then I remembered another book which I had got at around the same time as Gentlemen Players I took that book out of the bookshelf When I read the blurb on the back cover and the comments by different reviewers, I realized that I had to read this book now That book was Hannibal Pride of Carthage by David Anthony Durham So the sequence of events was this Got inspired by the font of current book Remembered another book which had the same font Remembered yet another book bought at the same time which made you nostalgic Picked up the new book, browsed ...

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    I began reading a hard copy of David Anthony Durham s Pride of Carthage several years ago and never seemed to get around to finishing it until an audio version was recently released on I am one of the unfortunate individuals that becomes unbearably sleepy if I attempt to read a traditional book for than about 45 minutes but I listen to books while I exercise each morning on my exercise bike, so if an audio version of a book becomes available, I ll usually finish it in due course as long as I don t have other activities interfering with my exercise routine Thankfully, this was the case with Durham s novel of Hannibal after switching to the audio version.I have studied Hannibal to some extent and was quite familiar with his military conquests during the Second Punic War But most history texts say little about his personal life and that was what I was most interested in I realize the ancient sources tell us little about the Barcas as a family so I knew much of Durham s characterizations would have to come from his own imagination But still, I wanted to have some images to cling to as I learn about Hannibal in the future and this is the reas...

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