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❅ The Last Garrison kindle Epub ❥ Author Matthew Beard –

The Last GarrisonIn The Shadows Between The Living World And The Land Of The Dead, The Night S Terrors Lurk For As Long As Anyone Can Remember, The Mountain Village Of Haven Has Been Under The Protection Of An Ancient Warlock Known As The Old Stargazer But After Countless Years Spent Deciphering The Mysteries Of The Night Sky, The Old Man Is Starting To Slip Now, A Dark Figure Controls The Forest With Minions Of Kenku Marauders Crowlike Humanoids That Menace The Villagers With Violence And Mayhem.If The Old Stargazer Cannot Or Will Not Protect Them, The Villagers Will Have To Find Someone Who Can Nergei, An Orphan Raised By The Warlock, Is Chosen To Find Help Since Nergei Has Nothing To Offer Potential Mercenaries, His Task Seems Futile Until He Meets Sten, A Battle Weary Adventurer Whose Sense Of Justice Is Stronger Than His Desire For Gold.Together They Recruit An Unlikely Band Of Heroes To Protect Haven From The Ever Threatening Incursions Of The Kenku Minions When The Group Flushes The Marauders Into The Light Of Day, The Shadows Cast By The Crow Men Are Like None They Had Ever Imagined.

❅ The Last Garrison kindle Epub ❥ Author Matthew Beard –
  • Paperback
  • 309 pages
  • The Last Garrison
  • Matthew Beard
  • English
  • 10 May 2018
  • 9780786957934

    10 thoughts on “❅ The Last Garrison kindle Epub ❥ Author Matthew Beard –

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    Sometimes, pure escapism is all I ask from a book When The Last Garrison by Matthew Beard arrived at my doorstep, I knew this was what I needed as a brain break from the difficult texts I was reading for my MA degree courses So I set to reading it in my few spare moments One the one hand, I was pleased the book asked little of my over weary brain On the other, I was able to see how the straightforward story may disenchant a reader in a day and age when Game of Thrones is the bestselling fantasy novel.Beard s debut novel is a sword and sorcery set in the Dungeons and Dragons universe In the tale, the reclusive town of Haven is besieged by kenku raven man marauders Formerly protected by an ancient magician known as the Old Stargazer, the town had known no strife for centuries But the old man s powers are weakening and the kenku are attacking and killing villagers The town council, sensing the danger, sends a small band of adults and young people to recruit defenders They do so, heading into the city down the mountain from their village Successful, the town representatives bring the adventurers home The story culminates in a final battle between the kenku, the adventurers and the townspeople.The Last Garri...

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    Starting off, I have to say that The Last Garrison was a fun, enjoyable read While it ended up taking me longer to get through, than a book of this size normally would have, the times I was able to crack it open, I often found myself putting in one last chapter Matt does a solid job setting the mood, and setting to the story It did not take over description commonly found in many other writings to get a visual of Haven, its community, and the challenge that faced them I liked the pacing and writing style of this story Often times I find myself winding down at night looking for an easy, mindless adventure read that I can be brought along on Often times in the past, I find myself getting stuck up in over narrated combat scenes, or long winded descriptions of a local, and found that the scene flow, both in battle, and character dialog in this novel to be a smooth read.From the stand point of being a player of the game, there was a larger number of characters for the book size, but I felt the characters that needed to be fleshed out, were given enough detail to do so This may be a different story for those not familiar with the game, or a first time reader of the novels who may not make the connections, may be looking for back story on some of the lesser Heroes ...

  3. says:

    This is Matthew Beard s first published novel and it shows a bit in the writing early on, but as the novel progresses, there are many details and plot surprises that make this a worthwhile read The beginning of this novel shows the most growing pains for the new author, with some clunky writing as the story gets going The book doesn t seem to know what it wants to be, feeling like a YA fantasy book in parts, but tossing in some R rated bits and pieces that might not be appropriate for younger readers I think the intent is for this to be an adult fantasy, but perhaps with broader appeal to teen readers The main character, Nergei, is a dumpy warlock s apprentice who stumbles through much of the novel focused on his infatuation with a pretty young lady from the village To me, the character seems to stereotyped we ve seen this character many times before in fantasy think Samwell Tarly from George R R Martin and the cast of minor characters that come on scene after the first 100 pages or so are far interesting The story really picks up some steam at this point, after Nergei and a contingent from his village are forced to enlist the help of a group of adventurers from a nearby city This group does seem like your typical DD party at first human fighter, dwarf cleric, elf archer, elf wizard, human monk , but they each have interesting histories that are developed over the course of the novel that make them different and interesting In fact...

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    Readers of other novels in the Dungeons and Dragons line will find another excellent author to follow in Wizards of the Coast s growing catalog of excellent authors Matthew follows the standard format of the genre well and yet manages to keep the story and the characters interesting My only complaint would be that they cast of characters might have been too large for Matthew to handle and develop adequately, but the most important characters are well fleshed out and provide excellent hooks for future novels If you have never read a book of this genre, I think that you will find an interesting and exciting entrance to the worlds of Dungeons and Dragons.Set in the world of Nerath, the novel follows an unlikely band of heroes on their quest to protect the remote mountain village of Haven from Kenku marauders, ravenlike humanoids.After the Kenku make themselves known by attacking some villagers, the decision is made by the village council to send a small group of villagers, comprised mostly of teenagers, to find mercenaries in the city There they find an aging, former captain of the fallen, human empire of Nerath, who agrees to help them in f...

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    I had a lot of fun reading The Last Garrison It is a great introduction to Dungeons and Dragons novels and requires no previous knowledge of the game or setting The descriptions and imagery were very good, I had no problem visualizing the scenes in perfect detail Some scenes were so well done that I could actually see and feel the action A few of the characters really stood out, particularly Nergei, Luzhon, and Sten I felt a sense of attachment to these characters, Nergei and Luzhon especially, as theirs was a sort of coming of age story But of all the characters, the one I liked the most was the villian of the story, Temley He had the most interesting backstory and I found myself impatiently turning pages in order to read about him Veteran DnD players will also be pleased to see a reference to the basic set module Keep on the Borderlands The only negative thing I have to say about the book is that there were almost too many characters to keep up with for a novel of this le...

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    The Last Garrison is author Matthew Beard s first published novel and it shows, the plot is predictable and the characters range from generic to painful.At the start of the book we re introduced to Nergei, one of the worst protagonists i ve ever read Nergei is so painfully awkward and self doubting that i found myself groaning and rushing through any section he was featured in I would have honestly rather had the obnoxiously cliche bully, Kohel for a primary character.The actual plot of the book is the time tested invaders vs village scenario featuring Kenku raiders besieging the secluded village of Haven The village s longtime protector is losing himself to his strange magic so the village leaders send Nergei and several teenagers into the city to search for help.The best part of the book is in the middle where we meet several new and interesting characters in the mercenaries Sten and Spundwand Sadly, we als...

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    Overall this novel by Mr Beard was very enjoyable At times it was a page turner but I did feel it fell short with some character development.Through the coarse of reading I found myself wondering if there would be additional novels to delve into some of the stories eluded to by the characters as well as a continuation of what happened in Haven after the resolution beyond what the epilogue explored I felt left hanging at the end, wanting to know of Nergei and Luzhon growth and possible relationship.All the action scenes were very well written I visualized what was going on At times it did feel like descriptive writing for an actually DD game scenario with game terminology thrown in as descriptors I don t know if that is actually a bad thing, I liked it personally as it was written well It may of...

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    Overall the book was pretty good but I felt it took too long to move the story forward The story ideas were good and I enjoyed the unique ideas with this However, I really felt like I was talking to a gamer about how cool t...

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    I wanted a quick and easy fantasy escape read and this was perfect Cool characters, interesting plot, probably could have gone longer to be fleshed out but I enjoyed the ride.I wasn t a huge fan of how the main characters were left, is there a sequel I need to know what happens

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