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[Epub] ↠ Under Witch Moon (Moon Shadows, #1) Author Maria E. Schneider –

Under Witch Moon (Moon Shadows, #1) Adriel Should Have Known That With A Werewolf, It Never Stopped With Just One Body She Would Have Gone To The Police After Witnessing Dolores Death, But She Wasn T Certain The Killer She Saw Was Responsible For The Other Murders Besides, The Police Didn T Believe In Werewolves, And They Weren T Going To Believe She Was A Witch Either So What Could She Tell Them She Kept Her Eyes And Ears Open While She Tried To Help Her Latest Client Escape The Clutches Of A Voodoo Witch, But Things Went From Bad To Worse When Bodies Turned Up She Was Greatly Relieved When She Met White Feather, An Undercover Cop Unfortunately, He Wasn T Convinced She Was Innocent Of All Wrong Doing.It Was Going To Take Every Spell She Knew And A Few She Hadn T Tried To Solve The Murders And Stay Alive.

[Epub] ↠ Under Witch Moon (Moon Shadows, #1)  Author Maria E. Schneider –
  • Paperback
  • 230 pages
  • Under Witch Moon (Moon Shadows, #1)
  • Maria E. Schneider
  • English
  • 24 July 2018
  • 9780615485010

    10 thoughts on “[Epub] ↠ Under Witch Moon (Moon Shadows, #1) Author Maria E. Schneider –

  1. says:

    This is a fast paced paranormal story set in Santa Fe, featuring Adriel, a modern day witch who seems to be equal parts spell caster and de facto paranormal investigator In the first few pages, I wasn t too sure how this story would work for me, but as the action kicked in, and characters of both the supernatural and mundane varieties showed up, the s...

  2. says:

    A totally captivating, non stop adventure into a new perspective on contemporary society, in which witches, vampires, and shifters live right along with normals, even though in many cases normals choose to figuratively close their minds and remain in denial, Under Witch s Moon had me speedily turning pages and not realizing the passage of time A lovely escalating buildup of tension keeps the reader on the edge, constantly hovering between Oh no and All right as our heroine battles evil yes, literally while simultaneously striving to maintain balance in her own chosen li...

  3. says:

    First of all, I d like to thank Maria for asking me to review this even though she knows I can be a major ass at times I promise I ll be gentle Under Witch Moon starts as a fairly interesting book We have two crazy women tackling each other in a desert of sorts, hints of werewolves, vampires, loads of creepy crawlers and a serial killer who mutilates his victims and who also might be a werewolf Not bad.But then it gets boring We get loads of talk and no action Adriel is silly, immature and a major coward She got on my nerves a lot and is totally not my kind of heroine I love strong badass women not schoolgirls Don t get me wrong, I don t hate the schoolgirl type, and I surely wouldn t want it to be replaced by a pornstar cough GeorginaKincaid cough , but when reading an Urban Fantasy book I prefer to have a major bitch as a main character That s just how my mind rolls.As the story went on I felt that most of the events were unimportant, and I was confused most of the time I felt like I was trapped into a maze, not knowing which way to go, what to do, where to look...

  4. says:

    to you by OBS reviewer SammyWhat an awesome read Witches , shifters, warlocks oh my It starts out with the author letting us see a different light to Witches It was so refreshing to let us know how dirty making spells was, which when you think about it made perfect sense Not the glamours witch crafty things we usually read about This is a very well written complete story There are also two books in the series.I Loved Lynx and how Ariel tried to protect him, even when justifying the use of his skills when it was necessary I hope they have a continued relationship in the next book One other thing I thought was an interesting twist was how truly scared Ariel was of Vampires, even though she had some mad witch skills Not just great Witchy skills she had tons of common sense and thought things through in a logical way Which I love reading about because there s so little of it around at times But I have to say there is no love for Vampires in this book.There is a well thought out suspenseful mystery, that keeps you reading to figure out what is going on I would have liked a litt...

  5. says:

    This was a very fast paced story, the main character is a witch who is trying to covertly help the police solve some murders she is unwittingly involved in one of them as well as help her client free her husband from a very bad evil witch In the midst of this chaos she must deal with a homeless teenage shifter you can just feel the mothering she wants to do for him , vampires and the occasional snark from her sister.I really liked the world building here The characters are also interesting I liked the fact that Adriel, the MC, was not all powerful and new all the answers She studied, worked and showed a healthy amount of common sense This is not something see to often in recent UF there are some exceptions to this, but not many.As I said before the pacing is very fast Adriel goes from one thing to another, usually half dead on her feet from exhaustion The fast pace works here because the timeline of events is very short, about a week to week and a half At lest that was the impression I got but the fast pace never really let you breath or relax from the last big event or confrontation The dialog was good and the 1st person perspective of Adriel s voice was interesting and engaging.The characters were so interesting that I hope the author one day revisits either Adriel and her friends and enemies as she has created a solid foundation for a series with this book Even if she doesn t it is a great urban fantasy with plenty of action, magic and a slight bit of roman...

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    Really liked this This was so much fun to read and get involved inthe characters were easy to like or hate.wait till you get goose bumps off of Ms Sheila the action was fast and furious and there was honestly not a boring moment in the story for me.Maria s attentions to detail was awesome and really made...

  7. says:

    3.75 stars This was definitely an enjoyable read for me The series has a lot of promise, and I m curious to see where it goes The middle of the book seemed to lag a bit and I was a bit confused at times during the magic descriptions, but the big bad was very, very evil in a good way if that makes sense , which made me want to keep reading The romance was okay not too overt but a bit instant for my tastes Fortuna...

  8. says:

    I was completely taken with her characters and her originality in the magic genre.

  9. says:

    When a giggly, nervous woman comes to Adriel asking for protection from a werewolf, Adriel thinks nothing of it After all, she makes her living selling spells to the public Sewing silver protection into a blouse isn t such a difficult job But Adriel realizes it may not be so simple after all when that woman ends up dead, ripped apart by the very werewolf now staring straight at Adriel Even worse, it turns out this isn t the first woman to have played with a werewolf and lost As she tries to uncover the secret of these deaths, Adriel quickly realizes she may be playing with much powerful magic than she ever imagined She may be good at spells, but is she good enough to stop an evil witch with an evil plan and friends in high places A first installment in the Moon Shadow series by Maria E Schneider, this paranormal mystery is an engaging, quick read Wonderfully lighthearted, but solid in its structure, this story contains an interesting cast of characters Adriel herself is a fun character she s got some good skills and ideas, but needs a little boost sometimes to make them work That boost comes in the form of Lynx and White Feather Lynx, a young shapeshifter, is Adriel s link to new customers, and to information that helps Adriel do her job White Feather is a mysterious connection who uses A...

  10. says:

    Adriel is a witch for hire Doing odd jobs here and there, she mainly provides healing aromatherapy, potions, and the occasional protection spell Life is just fine until one of her clients, Delores, uses a protection spell not as defense against a were wolf, but as a way to trap him When her client turns up dead, things really start to get weird.Adriel world gets turned upside down in short order First, she finds out Delores murder wasn t just a fluke, but was instead part of a series of killings Just in case that wasn t enough, a handsome police detective, White Feather, wants to question her, a vampire is looking for her, and an evil witch is trying to kill her To top things off her friend, Lynx, just turned up missing Life just keeps getting better and better.Adriel is a great heroine She s spunky, she s got a code of honor, and she s got a heart of gold The supporting cast is equally well done Adriel s friend, Lynx, is a smart mouthed, street tough kid and White Feather, Adriel s contact with law enforcement, is sexy and mysterious.Ms Schneider s world of magic is very realistic feeling She takes you through the process of Adriel s spell crafting in a way that lets you know what it is possible for her to do, and also explains why she doesn t just wave a wand and zap the bad guy Another reason it felt realistic is because it dove tails pretty well with how actual pagans work magic The method is r...

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